Five things we saw in LEGO 10305 The Lion Knights Castle  At the end of Report 10305, the Lion Knights Castle has various invigorating items


for LEGO fans to anticipate. Discovered at LEGO CON and delivered to honor the LEGO Group's 90th commemoration,

10305 The Château des Chevaliers du Lion deserves to be recognized for its past. The set contains just over 4,500 pieces

comes with a sticker price of £344.99 / $399.99 / €399.99. So, this might be a tough task for all but the most dedicated LEGO Castle fans.

Luckily, a peek underneath the set suggests you're getting a good jolt. Given its vocation as a model of commemoration,

there are various references to the past that you can research. The absolute clearest include:

Across different LEGO topics, Minifigure ladder guards have appeared with various eye-catching examples.

This LEGO set is no exception, for deep leaps into LEGO's past.

The armory of the higher levels contains saves from the early days of the subject of the castle.