Giacomo Gattuso is going to take a break, but it cannot be excluded that he will bid farewell: "The club has to evaluate every solution."

Surprise at the Como Home: Giacomo Gattuso is the coach behind the return of Serie B to 2021.

He temporarily steps down from his bench position to rest and get away from the pressures of competing life.

The Larian company announced this with a press release. However, it is not impossible to imagine other solutions, such as a future, definitive separation.

Como 1907 has announced, in accordance with Giacomo Gattuso that the Coach will require a long rest period.

It is impossible to predict how long the coach will be able to recover fully at the moment. The club must, therefore, in the best interests of the team as well as the season, consider all possible solutions.

Jack Gattuso is an integral part of the Como family. We are grateful for all he has done for us and we look forward to what he does for the Club in the future.