Golden Heard Graffiti Makes Netizens Ask if Women Get More Hate than Men for Abuse Charges

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard preliminary has poured out over from the courtroom onto our social media feeds.

Now, a graffiti of Amber Heard reportedly in Spain has opened a discussion on why most men accused of abuse do not face such public hatred.

The art shows Amber Heard with a long Pinocchio-like nose in which she is saying: "You broke my nose, Johnny."

The Pinocchio nose may be the craftsman's method for showing that Heard is lying.

"Depp stans are blaming Heard for lying about having a wrecked nose after he head-butted her.

She never said that, notwithstanding, she said she *thought* he broke her nose since it hurt so awful."

The slander suit documented by the 'Pirates of the Caribbean star against his former spouse has made the world conscious of their frequently violent marital life.

 The preliminary has caused a sharp separation on the internet, with most supporting Depp.

This has driven a couple to inquire as to whether Heard is lopsidedly enduring the worst part of the broadcasted court show.