Google Doodle pays tribute to the inventor of the espresso machine, Angelo Moriondo

Google is celebrating the 171st birthday of Angelo Moriondo, the godfather of espresso machines, with a special Google doodle on June 6.

Olivia was created when the doodle was painted in coffee color and had the GIF of an espresso machine.

Although coffee is trendy in Italy, people spend a lot of time making coffee.

Google said in a blog post that Moriondo came to the defense of customers and that brewing multiple cups of coffee at once could serve more customers faster

Moriondo patented the first known espresso machine. "The machine consisted of a large boiler that pushed heated water through a bed of coffee grounds

with a second boiler producing steam that flashed the bed of coffee and completed the brew," he said.

Moriondo presented his espresso machine at the Turin General Exhibition in 1884, where it received the bronze medal.

Born to a family of entrepreneurs in Italy in 1851, Moriondo never stopped brewing new ideas or projects