Hailey Bieber thinks fans should know that her significant other, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, is fine and dandy after her determination of Ramsay Hunt's condition.

HailMorning America (GMA) oney, 25, showed up on Good  Wednesday and shared that Justin, 28, is "doing great."

Understand MORE: Justin Bieber says he has loss of facial movement due to Ramsay Hunt's condition

"He's getting better each and every day," Hailey said. "He's feeling far improved and, clearly

it was just an extremely scary and irregular circumstance, but that's absolutely okay

Justin had to drop a few of his upcoming shows, carry on the week, share on Instagram what he's been through

the condition that causes loss of facial motion. In a video uploaded to the Web Entertainment Scene on June 10,

Justin showed a degree of loss of motion on one side of his face. As you can see, this eye is not blinking,

I can't look favorably on that side of my face, that nostril isn't moving," he said in the video.

It's really important because it can be obvious," he added. "I wish it weren't true, but my body is letting me know I need to block."

Hailey let GMA know that they have lots of love and help from fans and loved ones.