Carla Abellana has ended her supposed split with her better half Tom Rodriguez.

The GMA Network specialists have been in a relationship for quite a long time before they even secured the group in October 2021.

Anyway, the gossip about their split started only 3 months ago at another time when they unfollowed on Instagram.

Neither Abellana nor Rodriguez gave authority, but netizens were extremely attentive

on their web entertainment posts and exercises, getting insights on their IG stories or posts they liked.

Rodriguez posted obscure photographs of a broken hand chain and one that showed an explosion.

In a now-deleted post, he also guaranteed in the remark segment that he would have received a gag request, forbidding him to shout about it.

Abellana, meanwhile, set the web on fire after posting a few articles about cheating.

Either way, in a first since their supposed split, Abellana squarely addressed the issue.

In one of her YouTube recordings, a ragged analyst asked Abellana what good reason she would fuel assumptions with the way she behaves on Instagram.