How Much Does an Athletic Trainer Make?

The median yearly athletic trainer salary turned to $49,860, in step with the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The top 10 percent of earners pulled down more than $75,000 annually. 

 Why is there such an extensive range of salaries? The solution lies in variances in training, certification, and years of experience.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that even as you want a bachelor’s degree to get began in athletic education,

 about 70 percent of practitioners additionally maintain master’s stages. 

Earning an advanced degree will likely heighten your appeal among employers and increase the odds you'll earn a salary on the higher end of the range.

 In addition, athletic running shoes operating in educational settings tend to make more than those working in physicians’ offices.

As you acquire greater experience and training, you may pursue promotions consisting of a head...

...athletic trainer, assistant athletic trainer, athletic director, or other leadership roles.