Title Insurance carriers vary their prices from person to person based on risk factor analysis. And this is no different from car insurance.

 Factors may include age, gender, where you live, and driving history. This makes it difficult to estimate your personal auto insurance quote

But there are some simple rules that can help you get a better idea of what to expect.

For example, a sports car usually costs more to insure than a minivan. Similarly, young drivers can generally expect higher car insurance premiums than Older drivers

 A driver with a DUI or speed ticket may have higher rates than those with a clean record.

The average cost of car insurance A 40-year-old male or female driver with a clean driving record and good credit in the US pays

An average of $1,771 per year or $148 per month for full coverage car insurance.

The minimum insurance cost - the bare bones you need to buy to drive legally in your state - average $545 per year.

Average cost of full coverage by insurance company Insurance provider: American Family Annual cost: $1,627 Monthly cost: $136

Insurance provider: Amica Annual cost: $1,495 Monthly cost: $125

Insurance provider: Auto-Owners Annual cost: $1,305 Monthly cost: $109

Insurance provider:   Travelers Annual cost: $1,447 Monthly cost: $121