'I DON'T WANNA F***ING BE HERE!!!'Melts Down During Miami Pride Show

Azealia Banks says she's getting screwed over, and despite the fact that her anger does not seem to be at lovers ... 

She nevertheless took it out on them during a satisfactory overall performance in Miami. 

Azealia turned onstage early Saturday morning -- around 3 am -- for the Wynwood pride concert, and changed into very over being there.

The arguable rapper -- who completed along with her boobs all of the manners out -- commenced ranting... 

approximately promoters jerking her round approximately her set times and whether she's the headliner. 

She overtly told the gang, "I am genuinely not satisfied to be here." Azealia rambled a touch greater, and stated 

she knew it wasn't the fanatics' fault ... However she absolutely wanted off that stage. She said, "I'm trying y'all, but it is tough."

looks as if the concert promoters had sufficient though, due to the fact whilst Azealia repeated

her frustration by saying, "I definitely don't wanna f***ing be here" ... A person cut off her mic.

 That handiest pissed her off extra, and pulled a gap-on mic drop ... And left the stage in a huff.