When Jaylan Ferguson reported not responding in the Harvard neighborhood of Baltimore

officers attended the call and arrived there as doctors were treating the Ravens Linebacker.

He did not respond and was interrogated for several minutes before being pronounced dead.

Judging by his medical history, there was no previous illness or any other reason to explain why he did not respond when the doctors arrived

Baltimore police spokesman Niki Fenoy said the NFL player did not regain consciousness despite the medical staff's efforts.

There were also no signs of a head injury or anything remotely related to it, which dazzled everyone after the fact.

According to authorities, the 26-year-old will submit to an autopsy, which will determine the exact cause of death and clarify everything to authorities and his family members

Much more needs to be said about this, especially with players who are in constant consultation with their heads

That constant head injury adds to the problems they already have and many of them become addicted to certain drugs.

In most of these cases, we are talking about players who are trying to overcome this frustration through various types of pain killers or alcohol abuse

 Jailan Ferguson's position as a linebacker fits this profile due to his position on the field. However, this cannot be said for sure until we see the autopsy results.