He is 80 years old. He, the President of the country, recently fell down from his bicycle. This started the trolling. 

Opponents are criticizing him and that it will be difficult for him in the next election as he is forgetful due to age.

As a result, there are speculations that an alternative will be found in his own party in the next election.

If you are the president of a small country, this is not a big deal. He is no one else. The president of the top country is Joe Biden

There is a loud debate on Biden's age in America. This is causing concern among Democrats.

US President Joe Biden will complete 80 years on November 20 this year. Biden is the oldest president in US history.

Biden, who is preparing for a trip to the Gulf countries, strongly feels that he will contest again in 2024.

Age has now become a weapon for opponents and critics. Trolls say Biden suffers from amnesia.