The colossal former soap opera artist has not been heard from for a long time. He also rarely appears on the small screen.

However, recently Revi Mariska has been in the spotlight because she admits that she wants to be a busker.

Title 2Previously, women born in 1986 were often discussed because they often reaped controversy.

One of them was that he once said that Lesty Kejora had a face that was older than her age.

For a long time no longer appearing on the small screen, 

Revi Mariska was in the spotlight because she admitted that she wanted to be a busker

This was revealed by Revi himself in a video uploaded by the gossip account @insta_julid. 

"Why is that? Because I want to sing, looking for extra to pay for food and pay for parking," said the 36-year-old artist.