Meghana Markle is lashing out at the people who read British media

She claims used to call the children of hers "The N-word" in a shocking new interview

In an interview with The Cutting, Duhses admitted that she was not happy sharing photographs of their family with media outlets.

British media because of the fact that they were viewed as racist by their readers.

Why would I want to give those who have been calling my kids the N-word

A picture of my child prior to the time I could send it with those who are my children's friends?

Please tell me how this is reasonable and then I'll be paying for that game.

Meghan has also taken a new attack on the royal family after she was "barred" from stepping back from official duties, unlike others in the royal family.

This, regardless of the reason, isn't something we were permitted to do even though some other members of the family practice exactly the same thing.

Duchess of Sussex Duches is currently on a public relations blitz that coincides with the release...

...of her podcast Archetypes which is part of a reported deal worth $43 million with Spotify.