Conservative Party leader Liz Truss was appointed on Tuesday officially appointed Britain's new Premier Minister, by Queen Elizabeth II. She will be the third female leader of the country.

Mrs. Truss traveled to the queen's Balmoral Castle residence in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to meet the Queen, who officially invited her to establish an entirely new government.

In the past, outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson submitted his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II who is at Balmoral the Queen's retreat in Aberdeenshire to enjoy her annual trip.

After her royal appearance and royal visit, 47-year-old Ms. Truss will be flown into 10 Downing Street in London to give her first speech as the Prime Minister prior to revealing certain Cabinet positions that are crucial to her.

On Monday  Ms. Truss defeated former Chancellor Rishi Sunak in order to assume the reins as Britain's new Prime Minister.

Former British-Indian Finance Minister Mr. Sunak said he was "proud" of the campaign he ran and indicated he did not plan to serve in a cabinet led by Ms. Truss. If given a job.

Attorney General Suella Braverman is likely to be the only Indian MP in her top team since the former Goan-origin leader...

...candidate is likely to be elevated to replace Priti Patel who quit her post from her position as Secretary of State on Monday night.