Guns N' roses are in a difficult situation. Axl Rose, the owner of Guns N' Roses, is unable to be fired but he is unable to stop singing

The group's presentation at Rock in Rio on Thursday 8th of April was borderline torture for its fans

While the band sounds great and is playing well, Axl's vocals sound squeaky and out-of-tune, making what should be enjoyable into endless suffering.

The band is known for their long delays. They took the stage just five minutes late, but it was soon too late. The band opened the show with some more serious songs like It's So Easy,

Mr. Browstone and after he had warmed up his voice, Axl sang Welcome To The Jungle. This high-pitched song has been the traditional opening track to the shows

It was not by accident that the difficulty in holding the treble was compensated by the backing vocals of Duff McKagan and Slash's expertise on the guitar.

The public was not happy with Axl Rose's performance at 60. There were jokes that his voice sounded like Mickey Mouse. It was even compared with a pre-teen boy's voice, with different tones between high and low.

Many people fled Rock City in the end. It was possible to walk in places where it was impossible before half way through the show (which lasted 2h30).