Roman Kemp plans to 'quit showbiz' after lifestyle caused debilitating diagnosis

It comes after he got a stunning diagnosis of a problem brought about by his occupied and "unhealthy" schedule.

The Capital breakfast show was diagnosed to have rest apnoea, which expects him to utilize oxygen when he hits the hay.

The disorder is a condition that causes an individual's breathing to pause and begin while sleeping. 

But despite his health concerns, Roman does intend to stick around for another five years so that he can mark his decade in the industry.

Speaking Mail Online the radio moderator said: "'My tiredness levels were crippling, and they shared with me it was a direct result of my work and I said this is unique.

I was talking with individuals with whom I assumed I was coming close to narcolepsy since I was mid-discussion and would wheeze and not understand, it was very strange.

"The doctors let me know I should wear an oxygen mask. There is literally nothing attractive about returning to Roman Kemp's home."