Russian writer Dmitry Muratov sells his Nobel prize decoration for 103 million dollars

The Russian proofreader who runs the free newspaper Novaya Gazeta experiences has sold his Nobel Prize in Harmony decoration for $103.5m (£84m).

Dmitry Muratov said all money from the deal would go to helping exiles from the conflict in Ukraine.

Muratov was awarded the Harmony Prize in 2021 for preserving the opportunity for articulation in Russia.

Novaya Gazeta suspended its missions in March, shortly after the Russian attack on Ukraine.

It came after Moscow said anyone who described Russia's activities in Ukraine as a "war" would face heavy fines or dismissal.

The Kremlin considers this claim an "extraordinary military activity". Legacy Auctions,

who executed the deal, did not find out who the winning bidder was. In April, Muratov was sued with red paint linked to soluble CH3)2CO

on a train in Russia. The attacker shouted: "Muratov, this is for our young men," he said.