Dakota Johnson looked back on the filming of Fifty Shades of Gray, which she said was "mayhem" behind the scenes.

In the Vanity Fair cover story, the actress opened up about starring in a $ 1.3 billion movie trilogy based on E.L. James

 Best-selling books as Anastasia Steel after director Sam Taylor-Johnson showed interest in the stripped-down version of the book.

"I signed up to do a very different version of the film we just finished building," Johnson told Vanity Fair.

Regarding James, Johnson said, “She had a lot of creative control throughout the day, every day

she demanded that certain things happen. Some parts of the books don’t work in the film

 The internal monologue is sometimes unbelievable. It is useless to say out loud. This is always war. Always. ”

Throughout the films, Johnson said, “It's great for our career. Very amazing. Very lucky. But it's weird. So, very strange. ”

Despite everything, Johnson has no regrets about making movies