1975 ended the Reading Festival following the replacement of Rage Against the Machine.

The band came on stage with just two weeks' notice and walked back to mainstage on Sunday night for the last night of the fest on the grounds on Richfield Avenue.

A large number of people have flocked to Reading in the last few days to take part in the event.

Minor disturbances and fires were reported on the site on Sunday.

Thames Valley Police confirmed that 50 people were removed from the campsite following reports of violence at the campsite at 16:30 BST on Sunday.

"Those ejected were safeguarded by the festival organizers, Thames Valley Police, and British Transport Police to ensure they could get home safely,"

Police confirmed that there were "some fires" at the campsite on Sunday, however, they were put out "within minutes".

Ed Sheeran surprised fans on Saturday when he joined Bring Me the Horizon.

In this year's festival, Shikari's Rou Reynolds asked the water industry and the government to take action in order to "stop exploiting our rivers, coastlines".

"Immense bad luck, and of course bad timing," the author wrote on Twitter.