There is something infectious about watching Harry Styles have so much fun onstage.

On Friday, Styles, 28, delivered his third independent collection, "Harry's House," a tasty mélange of pop, funk, and soul combined with verses both senseless fun

To praise the appearance of his most far-reaching work, Styles stopped himself at UBS Arena on New York's Long Island for a special one-night show Friday.

He and his rigid six-piece band hurdled through the 13 melodies on "Harry's House" for an ear-bleedingly noisy horde of 16,000 

as well concerning fans live streaming the show on Apple Music (a reprise airs around early afternoon ET on Sunday).

A few times during the show he said thanks to the crowd for "completely changing myself again and again" 

furthermore noted with tangible earnestness, "I remain upon the stage, however, I advance such a huge amount from you."