Artist Tim Sale died, aged 66, on Thursday (16/6). He had been hospitalized for a few days in serious condition.

Tim was a great artist, who excelled in producing comics for Marvel and DC Comics. The cause of death has not yet been released.

The sale was marked by his partnership with Jeph Loeb, an American comic book writer

and especially by his signatures on titles featuring the Batman character.

With the limited series "Batman: The Long Halloween", the duo won the Eisner Award in 1998

in the category "Best Series". In 1999, Sale won the Best Artist category.

The illustrator was part of the art team for the TV series ‎‎ Heroes ‎ , together with Loeb‎.

Few know, but Sale was colorblind and specialized in black and white.

 His intention was to turn out to be an inker, also referred to as a finisher, who has the very last say on page design.

His works feature the characters in a dramatic way, in scenarios that intensify the stories told.