Tyson Fury made a U-turn on his U-turn, insisting that he would not fight again

 just hours after he agreed that he was ready to compete with Alexander Usik.

Fury announced firsnced his retirement after his victory over Dillian White at Wembley in April

but this week he revealed he was ready to return to a relentless fight at the right price

But the undefeated Brit stepped back once again to say he would only take a pair of gloves for the exhibition bout.

As far as I am concerned I am happy to retire; I am happy and satisfied with my career," he told Good Morning Britain.

Never say never, but for my part, I'm a professional boxer. Suffice it to say, I'm happy to be on Showbiz 'side in boxing."

Some believe that Fury will retire his wife and father as well, hoping he will return to the ring. And on Tuesday 

"I're 100 percent back in the ring, Jerry Maguire 'Show me your money!' He kept shouting,