Vince McMahon ventures on as WWE CEO as the organization examines claimed unfortunate behavior

World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Vince McMahon quits business side of the wrestling organization

as an examination is conducted for a supposedly silent cash payment to cover up unfortunate sexual behavior,

WWE and its management said on Friday. McMahon has run the organization for a very long time

after taking over from his father in 1982, then known as the World Wrestling Federation.

He will still control WWE's imaginative result in a review, and the organization has announced that he will be featured on Friday night's episode of SmackDown.

"I have sworn to participate fully in the review by the special committee and will do everything in my power to assist in the review.

I have also promised to acknowledge the findings and results of the review, whatever they may be," McMahon said in the organization's explanation.

The Wall Street Journal provided details on Wednesday that the council was considering a $3 million payment to a woman to cover up a

supposed consensual issue between a WWE paralegal and McMahon, who previously faced allegations of unfortunate sexual behavior.