Why do people in Denmark take a cinnamon bath when they turn 25?

We live in a different world, and that implies every nation, mainland or district has various traditions, societies, and customs.

And while these beliefs may seem strange to outsiders, people, who believe in them, are consistently devoted to them.

One such bizarre tradition is continued in Denmark where unmarried individuals are washed with cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon is a zest involved a ton in food. However, why are individuals given a shower in flavors? As per The Telegraph's report,

The Danish, while praising their 25th birthday celebration, are given by their families cinnamon.

This could seem to be a punishment for not being able to settle down and get married by the age of 25 however it is simply one more chance to trick people and mess around.

While this tradition is still followed in Denmark, people don’t judge others who have not been able to find partners and settle down by 25.

There is no rush for early marriage in Danish society. The typical age for men to get hitched here is 34 and a half years while that for ladies is 32 years.