What Business Processes Should You Use Tech to Automate?

What Business Processes Should You Use Tech to Automate?

Automation can free up a lot of your time and energy as a businessperson and can ensure that you can erase human error from the equation when you are performing essential business tasks. However, it can be difficult to work out what to automate and what processes need your individual oversight. Then, here is a guide to some of the business processes that you should not hesitate to automate in 2023. 


Emails can be tiresome and frustrating, especially if you have to send out hundreds of these digital letters a day. If you are bored of constantly being glued to your inbox, you should consider scheduling all your mass emails, including your marketing and newsletters. By doing so, you will be able to get them ready to go whenever you have time, and then you can focus on other, more important tasks without remembering to return to your mailing software to send the note in question out. 


Compliance is one of the trickiest parts of running a business, and it is something that you need to carry out in a precise and comprehensive manner. Sometimes, though, it is easy to miss a new law or regulation or to not notice a massive risk within the course of the everyday running of your business. To ensure you are always on the right side of the law, you should consider downloading GRC software. GRC software is vital as it can streamline all your data and ensure that your data appears in the same place. This software is also often easy to use, meaning that you can quickly implement industry standards within your company. 


One of the elements of HR that your employees will notice the most is their pay, and there will likely be an uproar if there are issues with your payroll. To ensure that human mistakes do not hinder the process and that each of your employees can get the wage that they deserve on time each month, you should look into automating your payroll. This can also reduce the costs of organizing this within your company and can mean that your employees and their details are more greatly protected in the long run. 

Customer Responses

As a business owner, you want to be dreaming up new products and motivating your staff, not replying to the same questions and queries that customers might have every day. However, it is also important that you reply to these quickly and clearly if you want to retain your customers and ensure that they buy from you again. To make sure that your customers do not end up getting ignored but that someone does not have to monitor their messages 24/7, you should consider setting up a chatbot on your website. This chatbot can be used to filter out simple questions whose answers can be found in the FAQ and to manage simple requests. Any questions that are too difficult for the chatbot to respond to and that need human attention will be passed onto a member of staff, who will have a much more manageable number of responses to reply to. 

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