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What does everyone ought to know about nucleic acid extractors?

nucleic acid extractors

Are you thinking about what a nucleic acid extractor might be? Don’t worry, read this entire post and you will get a clear idea of the nucleic acid extractor and DNA extractor.

Nucleic Acid Extractor – Do you need it?

The nucleic acid extractor is a device that is used to purify DNA from a sample by isolating DNA from cell membranes, proteins, and other biological components using physical and/or chemical techniques.

The DNA extractor is a cutting-edge device that uses magnetic beads to extract nucleic acid. A high-quality extractor has a high level of automation, a quick extraction speed, consistent results, and is simple to use. It is capable of extracting 1 to 32 samples at once using a 96 deep well plate.

The automated nucleic acid extractor uses magnetic rods on a magnetic rod frame to transfer magnetic beads that adsorb nucleic acid. 

The instrument then stirs the liquid quickly and repeatedly, evenly mixing the liquid with the magnetic beads. The movement of magnetic rods and mixing sleeves will finish the extraction of nucleic acids and get highly pure nucleic acids through the cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, washing, and elution procedures.

Features of DNA extractor

The DNA Extractor has the following features:

     i.   Touch Panel

The nucleic acid extractor has a 3.5-inch LCD panel almost that can operate and monitor the live running status independently. This DNA extractor may also be equipped with a 7-inch Android-based PAD that can be used to remotely operate the instrument through Wi-Fi.

     ii.   Precision Control

The system’s built-in engineering computer allows it to function independently of a PC. It provides a high-stability automated control system while also conserving space and energy.

     iii.   User-defined Temperature Control: 

The temperature for lysis and elution may be readily set by the user.

     iv.   User-defined Programming: 

DNA extractor has a flexible and efficient program edition with powerful programming features capable of satisfying any reagent needs.

     v.   High Extraction Efficiency: 

The nucleic acid extractor can achieve high extraction efficiency. The extracted DNA/RNA is of excellent purity and may be used directly for PCR and RT-PCR.

     vi.   Stability and Reliability: 

By avoiding the deviations and mistakes caused by the human operation, the automatic operation system ensures the stability and reliability of experimental findings.

     vii. Self-cleaning: 

This Nucleic Acid Extractor has a built-in UV lamp disinfection mechanism that allows it to sanitize itself regularly.

     viii.   Contamination Control: 

To avoid cross-contamination, precise motion regulation, self-cleaning, and the use of disposable material are used to rigorously control inter-well and inter-batch contamination.

     ix.   Safety Reliability: 

The automatic lock program assures the safety of the operation. The use of disposable experimental materials and a closed experiment cabin reduces interaction between operating staff and the chemicals. The operating staff is protected by an intelligent operation system against the dangers of hazardous chemicals.

     X.   Flexible Throughput: 

The DNA Extractor may extract samples from 1 to 32 at the same time.


Finally, we have understood all about DNA extractors and nucleic Acid extractors. If you have any confusion left behind, let us know in the comments section.

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