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What Is Burnout? How To Avoid It

What Is Burnout? How To Avoid It

What Is Burnout?

There are two key definitions of burnout:

  1. A condition characterized by physical, emotional, and mental weariness brought on by protracted exposure to emotionally taxing conditions.
  2. “A feeling of weariness or irritability brought on by devotedness to a cause, way of life, or relationship that did not yield the desired result.”

These definitions together capture the essence of burnout; the first emphasizes the role that weariness plays in it, and the second concentrates on the sense of disillusionment that lies at its foundation.

Anyone can get worn out. Burnout is tragic because it mostly affects those who are really dedicated to their jobs; you can only “burn out” if you were “alight” in the first place.

While fatigue can be treated with rest, a major component of burnout is a profound sense of disillusionment, which is not felt by those who can regard their jobs with greater cynicism.

7 Ways To Prevent Burnout

1. Rest your body

Your body loses energy from insufficient sleep and excessive exercise.

Get both passive and active physical rest:


  • every night, sleep for more than seven hours.
  • Taking quick naps (as needed)


  • Stretch
  • Obtain a massage
  • Use an ergonomic desk and chair.

2. Mindfulness

Overtaxing your mind results in a lack of mental rest.

  • Your to-do list should be written down.
  • Checklist of sources (packing, groceries, etc.)
  • Establish a closing ritual to keep work and life apart.
  • Take a break from tackling issues
  • Meditate

3. A Social Pause

Think about your relationships.

  • More time should be spent with those who energize you.
  • Reduce your interactions with folks that drain your energy.
  • Plan time to spend alone if you are an introvert.

4. Rest in Spirit

Join something greater than yourself.

  • Volunteer
  • Work a work where you feel motivated by a cause
  • Engage in religious activities

5. Sensory Rest

The average person today is overstimulated.

  • Give social media a rest.
  • Disable notifications (Sound and visual alerts)
  • Limit video conferences
  • Set a calm atmosphere for the evening (soothing music, candles, etc.)

6. Rest your emotions

When you feel that you can’t be honest, you have a lack of emotional rest.

A flight attendant, for instance, is required to always smile on the face of unruly passengers.

  • Spend time with folks who will allow you to be authentic.
  • For help releasing emotional labor, consider chatting with a therapist.

7. Time to Unwind

Embrace all forms of beauty, whether they are generated by nature or by humans


  • Enjoy a sunrise or a sunset.
  • Take a nature walk.


  • Visit a gallery or an exhibition
  • Engage in motivating literature, music, documentaries, etc.

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