What is the best way to make a fan club website like OnlyFans?

What is the best way to make a fan club website like OnlyFans?

If you are a content creator, whether an artist, musician, celebrity, or travel writer, engaging your fans is one of the best things you can do. The success of community platforms like OnlyFans has proven this to be true. If you don’t invest in engaging your subscribers, you could quickly lose them or become irrelevant in the industry. 

OnlyFans is one of the best membership platforms content creators can leverage if you want to engage your fans. However, the platform charges a good share of your revenue as transaction fees and commissions. 

You won’t have control over the policies and pricing as well, which can be frustrating and hinder your efforts to build your own brand. With that said, the best alternative to selling content on OnlyFans is to start your own fan club website

How to create a website like OnlyFans?

Come up with an innovative idea

The first step to creating a website like OnlyFans and successfully growing it is to come up with a brilliant idea. The idea you come up with must-have richer features and better functionalities than OnlyFans to beat the competition. The reason is simple: if you want people to love your fan club site, you have to give them something better than what they are already using. 

Validate the need for your Fan Club website

You want to start a fan club website like OnlyFans. That’s great. But as it is a fan club site like OnlyFans doesn’t mean that it is going to be successful as the existing website. To find out whether there is a real need for your app and you have a valid target audience, make sure you validate your business idea before bringing it to action. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find out how many people are searching for what you are trying to implement. 

Come up with the feature list for your Fan club site

If your fan club idea has been validated, it means that you are about to create something that your audience wants to use and pay for. Make sure you integrate features and functionalities that are relevant and useful to your target audience and contribute to a great user experience. 

Features that are not important and relevant to your audience but that are “nice to have” can be added later as an update. 

Move on to the development part

The easiest and most affordable way to create a website like OnlyFans is to use a clone script which is a ready-made solution that comes with features like the community platform. 

If you are looking for a professional OnlyFans clone script, Fanso can be a great choice. 

It comes with features like

  • Live streaming to redefine engagement.
  • eCommerce shopping cart.
  • Creator dashboard.
  • Social community features.

Fanso is built clean, robust, and is a 100% white label solution that can be customized which makes it one of the best clone scripts in the market. 

Launch, gather feedback, and improve

You are not done after just launching your OnlyFans like website. To beat the competition and constantly improve your fan club’s functionality, it is mandatory to gather feedback and continue to improvise. Once you have launched the core features, you can choose to add other features as updates in future versions. You will be able to understand the engagement through analytics and feedback, which you can use to improve your offerings. 

Important features of OnlyFans that you should integrate

Live streaming 

Allow your subscribers to interact with their favorite creators in real-time using a live video streaming feature. 

Social sharing

Enable content creators to share their posts on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to grow your fan base. 

Community features

Integrate community features to increase visibility and help creators to grow more popular. Allow users to like and bookmark posts, integrate features like social sharing, watch later, comment system, and more. 


Allow users to pay tips to their favorite content creators, which makes an alternative source of income for creators. 

Scheduling posts

This feature allows creators to build a queue of content that will be sent out to members whenever they want. 

Create interactive polls

There is no better engagement approach for fans than interactive polls. A well-designed poll is one of the powerful marketing tools available today.


Creators can set custom pricing for subscriptions and make consistent revenue using recurring revenue models. 

Creator dashboard

The creator dashboard is a personalized space for creators on the community platform. Content creators can upload pictures, and videos and set custom prices to access them. 

Why is creating a fans club website the best choice?

It is a fact that most content creators are heading to OnlyFans to monetize their content. OnlyFans platform can be a good choice for creators when they are just beginning; it is great as it doesn’t require any particular investments. However, if you want to grow your brand, OnlyFans becomes restrictive in terms of aspects like type of content, commissions, etc. 

The best choice for individuals or businesses who want to build a brand and make money through community platforms is to create a website like OnlyFans. 

Having your own fan website allows you to build a community for your brand on your own terms. It also implies revenue generation without having to pay transaction fees. You also get the freedom to be creative and come up with fresh ideas without having to abide by rules by a third-party platform. 


Connecting and engaging with your fans is one of the best ways to keep them loyal. Whether you create art or music, you have the power to inspire people around you to change their lives. And that is when building a fan club website becomes relevant. 

It is totally worth using a readymade script like Fanso to build your OnlyFans clone site rather than selling your content on OnlyFans. 

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