5 Best Cruise Destinations To Consider For Your Next Family Trip

Best Cruise Destinations

Planning a family vacation is definitely an exciting process, but it can also be stressful! From choosing a destination to planning activities, there is a lot to consider when preparing for your trip. Perhaps the best thing about choosing a cruise (aside from the gorgeous area you end up visiting) is that the trip is pretty much planned for you! You choose the destination, and they provide you with tons of activity choices. The type of activities will vary by cruise line of course, but there is always something for every member of the family. So, if you need some vacation inspiration, here are five Best Cruise Destinations places that are worth checking out. 


This one is a fan favorite and for good reason! The Caribbean is one of the world’s best cruise destinations. There are several islands to choose from, so you are sure to find something that suits your group. If your family likes a more action-packed getaway and less time on the ship, the Western Caribbean is the perfect place. The cruise times are usually shorter, and there are tons of off-ship excursions to choose from. On the flip side, if the gang is into luxuriating on the beach and shopping at several port towns, the Eastern Caribbean is the ideal choice. With so many beautiful regions and islands, you’ll be sure to find the perfect sunny spot for you and your family. 


Another gorgeous choice is a Mediterranean cruise; you can choose a trip itinerary that kind of sticks to one region or one that takes you on a tour-de-force across Europe. If you prefer a shorter cruise with fewer days at sea, you can concentrate on one area, such as Croatia, Greece, and Montenegro. If your family wants to see it all, you can see all of the aforementioned places, plus Italy, Spain, and even France. Europe has so much history and beauty, not to mention the amazing food! With a tour around the Mediterranean, your family can experience some of the most beautiful destinations in all of Europe. 

Nile River

If you have a history buff in the family, then exploring Egypt aboard a river cruise is an ideal choice. This cruise will take you to several destinations along the Nile, such as Cairo, Giza, and Luxor. You can check out the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx or maybe tour a museum and see King Tut’s treasures. Some cruise ships even have access to tombs and temples not open to the general public. If you’d like a VIP ticket to look at ancient history firsthand definitely check out a Nile River cruise. 


When you think of a cruise, Japan is probably not the first place that comes to mind. But don’t be fooled, a voyage around the island nation of Japan offers both beauty and history. There are more than 15 ports of call around Japan’s coastline and each offers cruisers a variety of foods and activities. You can check out the legendary Mt. Fuji or take part in an ancient tea ceremony; there is surely something in Japan to please everyone in the family. 


If breathtaking scenery is more your thing, then a cruise to Alaska is definitely not a trip to pass up. The mountain views and glaciers are among the most beautiful in the world. You can choose from land excursions where you can hike through the Tongass National Forest, or take a kayak to view glaciers up close. If you would rather stay on board, there is plenty of beauty to be seen from the ship. Either way, you’re definitely in for a trip of a lifetime. 

Wherever you decide to cruise, it’ll definitely be a vacation you and your family will never forget. Every destination has its own beauty, charm, and uniqueness. Whether you’d like to check out the view, try new foods, or even learn about different cultures, the ideal destination awaits you! 

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