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5 Reasons You Should Choose Escape Rooms For The Upcoming Corporate Event

Escape Rooms For The Upcoming Corporate Event

Your team has been working hard to reach all their monthly quotas and has expanded all resources to make sure that everything flows smoothly in your company. They deserve a reward! A creative, intriguing, and absolutely payback for all the hard work that they put into work. So, what’s better than putting your thinking caps on and going to escape rooms?

Going into an escape room has a lot of benefits! From being a trend for a group of friends back in 2010, it’s gathered more popularity and now is often used as a corporate event for its affordable prices but great experience it gives for those who are brave enough to enter!

Still not enough to get you to jump on the wagon? Or still, have difficulty deciding? Think it’s not for your company? Well, Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Choose Escape Rooms For The Upcoming Corporate Event:

1. Enhances Communication

Within an escape room, you and your team are forced to communicate with one another as the room requires everyone to play a part in solving problems, equations, and puzzles that will help you get out of the room within the time limit. Not only that but also the players need to contribute their own ideas and they must be as specific as possible which then puts the team into talking mode every time. What’s even better is even the introverts lend a hand and put their own ideas into work! So, if you think that you and your team are in need of that social boost, then try out escape rooms!

2. Improves Teamwork

Oh, I assure you, you can’t escape this on your own, this is one of the beauties of escape rooms! Your team is required to work together since there are most likely puzzles that need two to three people currently working on them. You also need to properly disseminate tasks on hand, such as someone who’s going to call the shots, someone who’s going to go under low places, and this is really depending on the theme of your escape room itself. This is why escape rooms are definitely a good way to build that teamwork and collaboration that’s both needed in escape rooms and most especially in the workplace.

3. Brings The Team Closer

Some bonds are formed best under pressure, and let’s face it, any team works better when they know each other. Even the worst of enemies are brought closer together because of an underlying situation. And it’s better to have a great team, rather than a team of greats, and to achieve this, nothing screams “work together” when you’re trapped in a room for 60 minutes. Everyone gets to go home knowing that they feel closer to one another and will be excited to see each other on Monday.

4. Everyone Feels Better Afterwards

Whether you do escape or not, everyone enjoys at the end of the day and bathes in the wonders of a better team, and this is what truly matters. This is because it’s definitely more fun winning (or losing) when you’re together with your teammates. 

There are also a lot of themes to choose from depending on the type of team! Whether you like mystery movies, or perhaps murder cases, or even just a light puzzle.

So click here and you’ll have the best VR gaming experience and will without a doubt have it for your team.

5. Because Why Not?

There are really a lot of benefits in choosing an escape room as a means for your company event. It’s shockingly affordable and saves you a lot of hassle and time planning this corporate event. It’s also good for all ages and even those from the youngest and even the oldest members of the team will enjoy it! And because of the advent of modern technology, there are virtual escape rooms available to connect whether you and your team are cities or even countries apart!

Ready to book your corporate event at an escape room? Check out room escape Sydney for both an in-person and virtual escape room that’s going to be a complete hit for your company! Plus, it doesn’t really matter what your company does, all that matters is you can work as a team.

Think you and your team have what it takes? Then try out an escape room now!

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