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Benefits of massages for Arthritis and to-get-rid-off-pain

Benefits of Massage for Arthritis

Massage is probably one of the oldest healing traditions. Many ancient peoples, including the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians, were convinced of the healing properties of massage and used it to treat a variety of diseases.

Massage therapy (including myotherapy) involves manipulating/altering a person’s muscles and other soft tissues to improve their well-being or health. It is a form of manual therapy that involves grasping, moving, and tensioning muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fibrous cells.

Benefits of Massage for Arthritis – websplashers

The term ‘massage therapy’ is used to describe a wide variety of techniques that vary in the way touch, pressure, and intensity of treatment are applied. Let’s enter our topic and knowing the benefits of massage.

Massage for the treatment of certain disorders

Research intimates that massage and myotherapy are effective in managing:

  • subacute/chronic low back pain
  • delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • soft tissue injuries
  • high blood pressure
  • insomnia.

They can also be efficiently used to support people with:

  • a chronic disease
  • a life-threatening illness such as cancer.

Benefits of massage

One of the immediate benefits of massage is the feeling of deep relaxation and serenity. This is because massage stimulates the release of endorphins – brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that produce feelings of well-being.

Levels of stress hormones, such as adrenalin, cortisol, and norepinephrine, are also reduced. Studies indicate that high levels of stress hormones impair the immune system.

Some of the physical benefits of massage and myotherapy include:

1. Reduce Stress

A relaxing day at the spa is a great way to unwind and de-stress. However, clients are sure to notice themselves feeling relaxed and at ease for days and even weeks after their appointments!

2. Improve Circulation

Loosening muscles and tendons allows increased blood flow throughout the body. Improving your circulation can have several positive effects on the rest of your body, including reduced fatigue and pain management!

3. Reduce Pain

Massage therapy is great for working out problem areas like lower back pain and chronic stiffness. A professional therapist will be able to accurately target the source of your pain and help achieve the perfect massage regimen.

4. Eliminate Toxins

Stimulating the soft tissues of your body will help to release toxins through your blood and lymphatic systems.

5. Improve Flexibility

Massage therapy will loosen and relax your muscles, helping your body to achieve its full range of movement potential.

6. Improve Sleep

A  body massage will encourage relaxation and boost your mood.  Going to bed with relaxed and loosened muscles promotes more restful sleep, and you’ll feel less tired in the morning!

7. Enhance Immunity

Stimulation of the lymph nodes re-charges the body’s natural defense system.

8. Reduce Fatigue

Massage therapy is known to boost mood and promote better quality sleep, thus making you feel more rested and less worn-out at the end of the day.

9. Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

Massage therapy can help to release endorphins in your body, helping you to feel happy, energized, and at ease.

10. Reduce post-surgery and post-injury swelling

A professional massage is a great way to safely deal with a sports injury or post-surgery rehabilitation.

Do you think that massage therapy could help you find relief in any of these areas? What improvements would you like to see in your health? Contact us today with your questions about massage therapy and see how we can help you get on the path to improved health and wellness!

 Various Type of massages

Typically, massage practitioners use either oil or talcum powder to allow their hands to slip over a person’s skin. Sometimes, a sheet or thin piece of cloth might be used for the same effect.

Different types of massage may include:

  • myotherapy

Involves the assessment and treatment of soft tissue pain, injury, and dysfunction affecting movement and mobility. Myotherapy is applied to restore and maintain the health and function of the soft tissue structure (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia) of the human body

  • Remedial –

Are the objective assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of the signs, symptoms, and causes of biomechanical dysfunction or injury, using specific mobilization techniques, in order to restore normal health and function

  • Therapeutic –

Also known as ‘Western’ or ‘Swedish’ massage. One of the most popular forms of massage in Australia, this technique is designed to promote relaxation and improve blood circulation

  • lymphatic drainage –

A gentle whole-body treatment that relaxes the nervous system and aids the body’s immune system

  • Aromatherapy –

Essential oils made from selected flowers and plants are added to the massage oil for their particular therapeutic properties. For example, the scent of sandalwood is thought to reduce nervous tension

  • Baby massage –

Can help to treat constipation, colic, and sleeping problems. Studies have found that regular massage helps premature babies to gain weight at a faster rate

  • Reflexology –

Based on the principle that certain parts of the body reflect the whole. Reflex points, which relate to all parts of the body, can be found in the feet, hands, face, and ears. These points respond to pressure, stimulating the body’s own natural healing process

  • shiatsu –

An oriental massage technique that aims to improve energy flow by working certain points on the body. The underlying principles of shiatsu massage are similar to those of acupuncture

  • sports –

This is an application of massage, not a particular massage technique. The type of technique or treatment applied is dependent on the nature of the stage of training or competition, sports injury or condition, and the assessment of the remedial massage therapist. Sports massage is a blend of techniques that aim to enhance performance and help overworked muscles to recover quickly.

Massage – special observations

There are some examples where massage and myotherapy are not recommended, or you should get a GP or specialist referral, (but not limited to):

  • during pregnancy
  • If skin rashes, cuts, or infections are present
  • If fractures or broken bones are suspected
  • The person has a life-threatening illness.

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