What are the Best Ways to view Instagram stories without an account and registration online?

Best Ways to view Instagram stories without an account and registration online?

Instagram Stories allows users to record the in-between moments and tell a complete tale than they could with just a collection of photographs. Like the cake you bought, stories exist only briefly before disappearing. Many Instagram users can’t see the stories privately because users have set privacy to their friends only. The story uploader can also choose to prohibit or limit a specific user from reading a tale by choosing the “Seen by” option. If you’re in a situation where you’re not allowed to see a tale, this can be a problem.

What are the ways through which we can see Insta stories anonymously?

IGTVs, IG Stories, Reels, and other Insta-related content have become an essential part of our daily life. We do all the time post about our life on social media. This also includes the want to watch what others are doing. Nevertheless, you may want to access stories anonymously for whatever reason. However, there are a few covert hacks that may be able to help you if the person’s profile is either public or private.

An embarrassing scenario might result from accidentally watching someone’s video and not wanting them to know about it. To see someone’s tale but not tell them is a common scenario. After viewing a piece, your name appears in a list of individuals who have seen it. Your name will show in the list of individuals who have watched someone’s Instagram Stories if you watch theirs. If you want to read a tale anonymously, you’ll need to either remove your name from the list or not appear on it at all.

It’s possible to see any story on Instagram as an anonymous user and not be tracked down. Furthermore, you won’t be restricted or prevented in any way. This is because you won’t be logging into your account to access these stories. As a result, you won’t be able to trace your movements. There’s no way the account that posted and shared it can determine if you’ve ever seen it! You may also see news from practically any account directly from your browser. Users can see Instagram stories anonymously by creating a fake account, quick swiping, turning on Airplane mode, or using third parties’ applications.

a)  Click Next story and Swipe Back:

On your feed, locate the profile whose story you wish to watch discreetly, then click on the profile right next to it. Slowly and gently touch the side of the story you wish to see after tapping on it to pause it. An illusion of a 3D box will emerge on the opposite side. The user will be notified if you swipe to the right or left. If you want to see someone’s Instagram Story without them noticing, this is the most straightforward method. You only need to touch on the story next to the one you want to watch secretly instead of the one you want to see. Press and hold the article you’re watching to put the video on hold. To go to the tale, you must swipe left once this has occurred. This must be done very gradually.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be at the midpoint of both Instagram Stories, where you may sneak a peek at the tale you wanted to see without being added to the list of people watching it already. Don’t swipe too quickly, or it will alert the narrator that you’ve seen their narrative. Keep in mind that this hack only provides a brief glimpse of the tale. This approach has some drawbacks because you can only see the first story in a profile’s feed and not videos. Another issue is that mistakenly swiping all the way through would render the activity pointless. It also won’t allow you to take a screenshot of an Instagram story.

b)  By Turning on Airplane Mode:

Putting your phone in Airplane mode is the first step to watching someone’s tale without their knowledge. As a result, Instagram will not be able to recognize that you’ve viewed someone’s story if your phone is in airplane mode. If you haven’t refreshed your Instagram feed since you put your phone in airplane mode, you need to do it now. Tap on the story to watch it when you’ve refreshed your browser. When you take your phone out of airplane mode, no one will know that you’ve been following someone’s Instagram story. If you want to see someone’s Instagram Stories without being tracked, make sure your phone is in airplane mode before you touch on their story. If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or data, you may conceivably sneak a peek at one of view Instagram stories without an account anybody noticing because the app automatically preloads many tales.

c)  Deactivating your Insta Account:

If you don’t want to ban and re-add people, Deactivating your account until the story is erased is another option. This means that your name will be erased from the list of visitors to the profile since your Instagram account has been temporarily canceled. Your Instagram account can be accessed again once the story has been erased.

Via Instagram Story viewer tools for android, PC, and iOS

View and Download Instagram Stories anonymously with Instagram Story Viewer. It’s completely free, works on any device, and doesn’t require any third-party apps to be installed.


It’s possible to view other people’s tales without their knowledge, thanks to a slew of technologies available online. You may look for the most recent stories posted by anyone by entering their login into this These videos may either be saved or watched without your profile showing up in their viewer’s list. You don’t have to download a third-party app or even have an Instagram account to use a story viewer tool to see their Stories. When someone has barred you from seeing their Stories, you may still browse and download them even if the account you’re attempting to creep out has. If you’ve been barred from seeing someone else’s stories on Instagram, there are a slew of similar third-party solutions available. You’ll be able to store, share, and re-post them using this feature.

With that, any open Instagram account’s stories, publish (posts), videos, and images can be seen anonymously. Download all of the user’s stories, highlights, and posts. Check out and save any IGTV video posted by another IGTV user. Instagram Highlights (stories archive) working and quick online viewer (Instagram Highlights Viewer) There is no requirement for an Instagram account or logging in. Without a doubt, Users will never know that you have seen his tale if you are anonymous. Make a copy of the Instagram profile’s URL or name and paste it into your browser. Press Enter after pasting the text into the search field above. Click on the item to save it to your computer as a story or a post (it will open the full window). At the top, there is a “Download” button. Your phone or computer will be immediately updated when you click on this button.

How to download stories, photos, and videos from Instagram profile in incognito mode:

InstaSaver. the app is another excellent software in this category, which allows you to see Instagram Stories without downloading anything! You only have to input the user’s username to view their whole profile, and no one will be the wiser! It’s understandable that this option isn’t available if the profile is set to private. Even so, you’ll get access to some well-known individuals’ private messages! On the free version, you can only browse one profile at a time for the whole day. The PRO edition of Profile+ allows you to browse as many as you want, eliminates advertisements, and has a ton of other awesome features.


To sum up, there are many ways to see the stories anonymously, ranging from using new accounts, applying airplane mode, swiping to the next story, downloading in incognito mode, and using intelligent tools.

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