5 Best Car Customization Apps for Android & iOS

5 Best Car Customization Apps for Android & iOS

Customizing and modifying cars can be a lot of fun, and if it can be done virtually, there are no limits. Any car can now be customized and tuned on your phone with Car Customization Apps.

You can create your car from scratch and design every part according to your taste and choose the color of your choice. If you are a car enthusiast who likes to customize cars with different parts and colors, we think you must try these car customization apps.

Here are some of the best car customization apps you can use on your Android or iOS device.

5 Best car customization apps for Android and iOS

1. 3D Tuning

5 Best Car Customization Apps for Android & iOS

3D Tuning is one of the most popular car customization apps with over 10 million downloads on the Play Store and App Store. It gives you the ability to customize cars from various major manufacturers.

This app allows you to use the latest cars and some of the most popular cars. It also includes a unique collection of accessories such as taillights, mirrors, and grilles. The 3D Tuning app is a mobile version of, which means it will sync across multiple devices. This app offers you many features, which gives you many options to never get bored of this app.

2. Car Mechanic Simulator 21

5 Best Car Customization Apps for Android & iOS

Car Mechanic allows players to restore used cars to their original form. The application provides a tutorial where you learn how to repair and paint a car. The objective of the game is to restore and repair broken cars.

Buying cars at auction; By customizing them and expanding your car collection; You can have a completely realistic experience in the game. You can work in different places on the map, try out new types of equipment and find opportunities to level up.

More realistic mechanics, better quality graphics; Many additional details, and new challenges make this game the best choice on this list. First, choose the model you want to work with and paint it to match your style. Car parts can be repaired and damaged parts can also be replaced.

3. NFS Heat Studio

5 Best Car Customization Apps for Android & iOS

Need for Speed ​​Studio is an app developed by EA Sports that allows you to customize and design your cars. This app allows you to customize cars for use in future NFS heat missions. With this app you won’t have too many cars, so you’ll get a new one every time you open the app. This app is one of the best car customization apps you can install to suit your interest as a car lover.

You’ll also find workshops on your interests and options that will give you access to a host of new features to help you modify your car accordingly. If you are a fan of racing games, then you must know about the need for speed games. This app was created to welcome the launch of a game called NFS Heat in 2019.

You can share your experience and even show your custom car to your friends through social media platforms.

4. FormaCar

5 Best Car Customization Apps for Android & iOS

Car Shape is a 3D car design and common use. It has a door and a 3D feature. This 3D model allows users to model their cars using a full list of wheels and other options with different variations and custom options. There is also a map of the car dealers and their contact information.

You can also share your custom car with other people and get information about the body, feel, and color of the car. This app is very easy to use and one can create many of their favorite cars and using the app is very fast. Be it wheels, engines, or designs, this app offers a great user experience.

5. Fix My Car

5 Best Car Customization Apps for Android & iOS

Fix My Car allows players to customize all the cars available on the market. You can choose any car from the manufacturer of your choice and customize it according to your needs. This app gives you a real car tuning experience and shows you how the car is tuned in the real world.

The app even allows you to participate in races using your car. But in the race, you will have to upgrade your car and modify it to be suitable for the race first. You can also watch in-game ads to complete missions and get more rewards in the game.

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