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Cultural Wedding Traditions Around The World

Cultural Wedding Traditions Around The World | Websplashers

Marriage traditions: Put the new couple in the room and lock it. No bathroom. variety of cultural wedding traditions After the wedding, the bride and groom are kept in the same room for three days. They will not be able to go to the bathroom at this time.

Marriage has a special place in everyone’s life. This sweetness is arranged to be remembered for a lifetime. Celebrated in the glory of Grand. But there are different wedding customs in different countries. Wedding ceremonies vary by caste, religion, region, and tribe. In India, there are individual wedding ceremonies in each state. People in our country are aware of such traditions. But even in some countries around the world, marriage is highly valued. There are some interesting traditions in different countries related to these celebrations. Let’s learn about these.

Here are some of the many ways wedding traditions are different around the world.

cultural wedding traditions in around the world | websplashers


In some parts of our country, it is customary for the bride to hide the groom’s sandals and other items on the wedding day. They demand large sums of money to return the sandals to him. This time, they play with their brother-in-law. This ceremony is called Juta Chupai. People think this is a good way to strengthen the bonds between two families. Events like these can be fun at a wedding.


In Norway, a specially made towering cake is served on the wedding day. It is made in the shape of a cone, with almond ice cake rings. In the center of this cake is a bottle of wine. Those who come to the wedding along with the bride and groom can drink the wine and eat the cake.


In Greece, the bride’s relatives shave the groom before the wedding. After shaving, his aunt fed him honey and almonds.


Japanese girls celebrate Shinto on their wedding day. Today, they wear white from head to toe. Her makeup should also be in white. That dress has a hood that covers the head. This is called ‘Tsunokushi’. The white color symbolizes the virginity of the bride. It is believed that the hood on the dress makes the horns of jealousy grow on the mother-in-law.


The groom in Fiji has to go to his fiance and ask him to give his daughter in marriage. When asked, he should give a whale tooth as a gift to his fiance.


After the wedding of the German bride and groom, the guests have to wash the dishes and clean them. The people there think that doing so can deter evil spirits.

Czech Republic

In this country, it is becoming customary to place a baby on the bed of the bride and groom. After the wedding, the guests bathed them with legumes, rice, and peas. They believe that such practices promote fertility.


After the wedding in Guatemala, his mother orders the groom to break a ceramic bell containing rice, other grains, and flour. These are believed to bring happiness to the bride and groom.


After a wedding reception in France, the bride and groom have to eat champagne and chocolates in a toilet bowl. Doing so is expected to strengthen the bond between the two of them before the first night. But this custom is no longer seen as big


Hopefully, we will write a splendid article on cultural wedding traditions around the world. We did give some of the various countries’ traditions, and if they are not the country we have given above, let us know your country’s wedding traditions in the comment box.  If you want more articles, then keep watching websplashers

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