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How Social Media Has Changed Reality TV?

how social media has changed reality tv

Reality TV shows, oh yes!

They are pulsating, exciting, and… well, a little vibrant to our liking as well. Nonetheless, we still love to see the drama, emotions flowing through the participants, the “staged” love, and whatever else the show offers.

However, there was a time when reality TV shows didn’t get as much exposure as they do now. Hence, their overall popularity wasn’t as high as it gets currently.

So, what changed?

Well, the introduction of social media in this segment has altered the whole scenario entirely. Make sure to keep reading till the end to learn more regarding this context.

3 Ways Social Media Has Changed Reality-TV 

In essence, social media has been pretty eminent when it comes to the popularity of reality TV shows. Here’s how it has improved over the years thanks to the usage of technology.

1. Accessibility 

Due to low exposure and popularity, the overall accessibility of reality TV shows was pretty insignificant too. However, thanks to social media, it’s available on almost each and every streaming platform now.

Besides, if you want, you can also download the same from pirate bay, a torrent website. You can find everything almost season-by-season here. Also, there’s no need to pay or reimburse anything at all. You can download everything for free.

2. Improved Exposure 

Before social media, it was almost impossible for a reality TV show to get exposure. If you were attentive enough, you probably could have seen it in an advertisement on television or something. However, the promotional sense wasn’t enough in this regard.

Nonetheless, this scenario has changed entirely since the introduction of social media. Now, you can find screenshots or images from a reality TV show everywhere. Seeing memes or funny texts regarding the same has also become pretty standard.

3. More Interactiveness

Staying on television and acting out their part on reality TV does not bode too well for popularity.

So, how can they improve it even more?

Well, by coming to social media and interacting with their fans, of course. It might sound a little show-offing at first. Nonetheless, if you are directly talking to your audience, listening to what they have to say, and replying to them – it’ll do a world of good for the show.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

As we’ve already talked about how social media has changed the segment of reality TV shows, let’s answer a few questions of yours.

How Does Social Media Affect Television? 

With social media, you will get the opportunity to make your audience learn more about your brand or organization. It, in turn, will improve their trust in your company and help you get a permanent consumer out of nowhere.

How Has Reality TV Changed The Society? 

There was a time when misdirected reality TV shows promoted abuse, shallow personality, and everything that was negative. However, since then, the changes in plotlines and actors have changed the whole scenario pretty efficiently. This, in turn, has helped society to be more respectful to each other and ensure that everyone’s getting a helping hand of some sort.

Is Reality TV A Form Of Social Media?

No, not really. It’s a type of TV show which shows people from different backgrounds living and trying to shape their life together. Things can get a little noisy sometimes, but it’s all a part of the script that the actors are following.

How Has Social Media Changed The Entertainment Industry? 

Thanks to social media, the entertainment industry has become much more accessible. Its overall popularity has improved massively due to the enhanced exposure amongst viewers. It will increase even more depending on the growth of social media in the upcoming years.

Final Thoughts     

There was a time when reality TV shows didn’t get any exposure at all. However, since the introduction of social media, everything has changed entirely. Now, people try to stay as updated as possible with these shows, even if their script isn’t a hit.

So, what’s your verdict?

Like many others, do you, too, watch reality TV shows? Or, do you usually avoid drama as much as possible? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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