How to Impress Recruiters With an Impressive Bartender Resume

How to Impress Recruiters With an Impressive Bartender Resume

You might be a terrific bartender but to bag an opportunity matching standards to your skillset is another thing. Taking orders all night is enough now you need a new order – an impressive bartender resume!

A cheerful demeanor, cocktail expertise, and skillful hands are required to please the party goers. All you will require is a perfect bartender resume to attract the bar manager’s trust in your talents and job.

If you want to work as a bartender, you need to be knowledgeable about beer, liquor, cocktails, and wine. You should also be enthusiastic to learn about new drinks, as outstanding bartenders are always upbeat.

Nevertheless, the question that remains with you is how do you create a bartender resume?

Here are some pointers to persuade the recruiter to hire you as a bartender in seconds.

Tips to Create a Killer Bartender Resume

  1. The chronological resume structure, which identifies employers and dates of employment, should be avoided. Concentrate on emphasizing your relevant talents for the position.
  2. The summary portion of a bartender’s resume should get the most attention. In the fewest words possible, you must demonstrate your suitability for this position. You should also show that you are up for any new challenge.
  3. In your Work experience section do include action verbs and quantify results. Also, highlight areas of your past work history that can speak to your ability to function as a bartender.
  4. A bartender job usually doesn’t require any specific degree or certification, however certain states do require a bartending license. Check to see whether such a license is necessary, and include it on your resume along with any further courses or qualifications pertaining to the bartending profession.
  5. As a bartender, put together a unique blend of practical and soft skills. In addition to concrete talents like customer service, a strong work ethic, and cooperation, emphasize bartender resume skills like expediting drink orders, following food and beverage standards, and mastery of cocktails and mixology.
  6. You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression. To minimize small errors, use the Grammarly plugin for Google Chrome and double-check your resume before emailing it.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key pointers to think about when writing your bartender resume:

  • In your bartender CV, don’t overlook relevant non-bar experience.
  • To make a stronger impression on the recruiter, quantify your achievements.
  • To minimize small errors or typos, proofread your resume and use a spell checker. 
  • Keep your resume to one page.

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