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How To Live A Healthier Lifestyle In College

How To Live A Healthier Lifestyle In College

Life in college is full of challenges and changes a student has to overcome. Piles of homework, exams, parties, extracurricular activities, personal life troubles, and more often leave no time for caring about oneself. Students neglect their health and gain bad habits in college as usual. 

Yet, it will be better to gain practical knowledge and skills after college but not physical and mental disorders. So you should rather stick to a healthy lifestyle early so that you can only benefit from the time in college and have fun at the same time. Here is what you can do.

1. Focus on Health

The key mantra for you is not to give up on your health. Your well-being is to be your main priority when making any decision. It is ok to skip lessons when you feel sick. It is no bother if you delay the project when you need to take a break. It will be no trouble if you miss another sports club training but visit a doctor instead. 

At the very same moment, it may seem to you that studying, popularity or romantic relationships in college are what should define your life here and now. But if your health is at stake, everything mentioned doesn’t really matter, but your wellness should be prioritized. This is what really matters in the long run. 

2. Plan the Mealtime

Students tend to wake up too late for breakfast, skip meals during the day, get themselves stuffed with sandwiches and coffee, and order pizza late at night. As a result, they feel terrible the very next day and bring trouble to their stomach eventually. Plus, chronic illnesses connected to the digestion system and other organs are guaranteed.

So, as a student, you need to plan your mealtime properly. Check out several healthy tips for you:

  • prefer homemade food;
  • precook and freeze meals to save time;
  • stock up with healthy snacks (fruits, dried fruits, nuts, etc);
  • avoid fast food, added sugars, alcohol, and smoking;
  • try to eat at the same time every day.

These and other actions will help you stay full and energized during the day and sleep well at night. Additionally, you will keep fit and avoid health disorders with regulated nutrition easier. 

3. Prioritize Sleep

Don’t silence your need to sleep well. And don’t expect to catch up with the sleep level at the weekends. It will bring you no results. If you neglect your sleep and qualitative rest, you will perform worse, feel depressed and get ill easily. 

Even if you are overloaded with homework, consider buying a dissertation or using any other helpful tools than shortening your sleep. Plus, try to get to bed and wake up at the same time every day. If you find it difficult to get sleep, keep your gadgets off for an hour at least before bed, and take a walk outside instead. Air your room and take a cool shower. Keep your room dark, clean, and silent during sleep time. These simple rules will help you get sound sleep and stay healthy and energized without any complications. 

4. Take Breaks

Non-stop studying as well as non-stop partying shouldn’t define your college lifestyle unless you wish to graduate with chronic illnesses and other life troubles. You should plan your college life so that you have an equal portion of everything necessary on your schedule. A bit of studying, a bit of sport, a bit of socializing, a bit of hobby, a bit of family life, and so on depending on your preferences and interests. 

If you feel that you have enough studying or enough participating in social projects, don’t wait till you burn out but take a break. Find something to recharge you, such as a cup of coffee, a walk through the park, ten minutes in silence, or even a week of traveling, and then you can resume your activities. This will enable you to stay sane, preserve your mental health, and remain stress-resistant and fruitful in whatever you do. 

5. Organize Leasure

If you know that you have free weekends or nights ahead, you’d better plan qualitative leisure for yourself. Partying two days in a row or watching Netflix through the weekends will bring you short-term pleasure but multiple problems in the long run. 

Think thoroughly about what fits your preferences but don’t harm your health. Play sports with your friends. Go hiking. Visit your relatives. Devote time to self-care. Anyway, you should feel physically and mentally better in the end. 

6. Take Care

College life has many temptations for you to offer. Your main task is to resist them and care about your health instead. Whether the proposal involves alcohol, sexual adventures, or any other risky activities, you should assess the possible threats and benefits and take the appropriate decisions. If you expect that your affairs may bring you troubles with health, better skip it. Care about your physical and mental wellness through the college years and you will gain only advances when you finally graduate. 

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