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How underwear can affect your sex life

How underwear can affect your sex life

For most people, underwear is a necessary evil. You don’t want to be naked as a call girl in Mumbai, but you also don’t want to wear your best suit to church on Sundays. However, there are those who take their underwear very seriously, even more so than their sex life. 

For example, did you know that the type of underwear you wear can influence your attractiveness, or that wearing seamless underwear can help prevent chafing during lovemaking? Today I’ll tell you all this and much more.

Men who wear boxer shorts and briefs are the most attractive

You may have heard that boxer briefs are the most attractive underwear for men. Actually, they’re not. It’s boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are a good choice if you like to wear a tight waistband and don’t want your package to show through your trousers, but they don’t show as much of your body as boxers.

If you really want to attract women with your underwear, choose a pair of white cotton boxers (or even better, nothing at all). Boxer briefs leave more skin exposed than briefs without being too revealing, and they make it easier for women (and men) to see where their eyes should be focused – south!

Underwear that is too tight or too baggy can be uncomfortable and distracting during sex

Boxers and briefs are the best choices for men’s underwear. Boxers allow you to feel free and comfortable during sex, while briefs help keep everything in place. If you’re worried about chafing, put chafe cream or talcum powder on areas that might chafe.

Wearing the right underwear is important for several reasons. First of all, it helps you look more beautiful (important for those who offer escort services in amritsar or any hot area of India). It can also help you feel comfortable during sex, which makes it more pleasurable for both of you-Use briefs or boxers that fit you well. Make sure you wear underwear that is neither too loose nor too tight…

Wear seamless underwear to avoid chafing during sex

Seamless underwear is the best type of underwear to wear during sex. It helps prevent chafing, which can be a problem during sexual activity. Chafing occurs when skin rubs against the skin, causing irritation and sometimes even bleeding. 

Seamless underwear prevents this from happening because there are no seams in the material to cause friction against your body when you move during sex or other physical activities such as climbing stairs or doing housework (if you like that sort of thing).

Some people don’t like wearing underwear at all

Some people, for example, don’t like the feel of fabric on their skin. For these people, and again this is a very small minority, the idea of wearing underwear is uncomfortable and they would rather go without it than face this unpleasant sensation. Other people may not mind wearing underwear, but prefer not to because they find it uncomfortable or awkward in some way: it may be too tight or baggy; it may ride up strangely; it may catch on something when they try to take it off (or put it on!).

If this sounds familiar, you have many other options. You can try shorts instead of trousers; tights if your legs tend more towards cold than warmth (or vice versa); leg warmers if you want something between bare legs and socks, but want something warm enough to keep you from freezing during the winter months…. and the list goes on and on!


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