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Condolence Messages

Dealing with emotions is difficult for everyone, sometimes written In condolence messages better describe your emotions. These best participations will help you focus on the essentials. A complete list of condolence messages has been proven and used all over the world.

This page will help you get started. It lists more than 100 condolence messages that you can use in different settings. Feel free to edit them however you like; think of the messages below as a starting point to get you thinking.

Condolence Messages on Death of Mother

  • “Remember your mother for her true jolly self. She will always be remembered for her good deeds. May her soul rest in peace”.
  • “I’m totally shocked by hearing the news of your mother’s passing. I think the mother is a special gift for us from the Almighty! But man is mortal. I’ll be praying for you and the rest of your family”!
  • “I’ll never forget the pretty face of your mother. She was a great lady. Accept my deepest condolence for the death of your mother! My prayers are with you during this time”.
  • “Every mother teaches her child to be strong always. Because she knows that one day she’ll be gone. Today is that day. So be strong and follow every word which your mother taught! You have my deepest sympathies”.
  • “Sending my sincere condolences on the loss of your mother. May you always feel her presence in your heart and soul”.
  • “Praying to Lord to give you strength in this hard time of yours. May God let your mother rest among the angels”.
  • “Sending my condolences and prayers on your mother’s death. She will always be watching over you up from heaven”.
  • “Your mother was one of the nicest people ever. Stay strong while mourning for your beloved mother”.
  • “She was truly a wonderful woman. I will always remember how amazing she was. My deepest sympathies on her death”.
  • “May Allah rests her soul in peace and guides her path in Jannah. Ask for Allah’s forgiveness and pray for her. May Allah (SWT) give you and your family the strength to overcome this loss. Ameen”.

Condolence messages for loss of father

  • “May the almighty receive your father in heaven himself. He was a wonderful person, and I am very sorry for your loss”.
  • “God takes away those whom he loves most. Your father was one of the lucky ones. Let us all pray for his departed soul”.
  • “It’s a tough time to go through for anyone. I understand how you feel inside because I lost my father many years ago. My deepest condolence to your grieving family. I’ll always keep you in my prayers”.
  • “It’s time to follow in your father’s footsteps and be a man of honor just like he was. Don’t succumb to your emotions. Your family needs you to be strong now”.
  • “My heart goes out to you in this sorrowful time of yours. May your dad rest in peace”.
  • “Remembering your deceased father and your family in my prayers. Please accept my condolences on his untimely death”.
  • “My heartiest condolence to you in such a difficult time. May God usher you and your family with peace and comfort. My God receives your father in heaven”.
  • “My heart feels very sorry for your loss. I hope my prayers give you the strength to deal with your sorrows”.
  • “Heartfelt condolence to you and your family for this great loss. May God bless your dad with eternal peace”.
  • “God is the best planer, and I hope your dad is now in a better place. Thinking of you in these difficult times”.

Condolence messages for loss of a son

  • “The sudden death of your beloved son fills me with great grief. I can only imagine the hard times you must be going through. May the Lord make things easy for you”.
  • “The passing away of your only son, ____, has touched us to the core. May his soul rest in peace”.
  • “Your family must be going through a very difficult time. ___(name of the boy) was a delightful young man. Indeed, it is very unfortunate that he has left us”.
  • “Tough times have befallen you. The sudden loss of your only son is indeed rather unfortunate. May God grant you the strength to overcome this difficult phase in your life”.
  • “No words of comfort will ever be enough for someone who has lost his son. Fate has indeed been very cruel to you. I pray that the Almighty grants you the strength to overcome this difficult phase in your life”.
  • “The death of a son causes painful heartache like no other. My heart goes out to you and your family in these challenging times”.
  • “Your son was born with this extraordinary capacity to leave a profound impact on everyone around him. His unfortunate death has left us all heartbroken. We shall all miss him terribly”.
  • “Your son was an irreplaceable character. With his unique wit, he had a flair for drawing people towards him. We will all miss him terribly”.

Condolence messages for loss of husband

  • “Colorless clothes, a colorless world, and colorful pictures. Widow’s life”. – Chahak Muryani
  • “Being a widow is like folding a fitted sheet”. No one really knows how.
  • “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger”.
  • “For what is grief but love in disguise” – Ashley Ormon
  • “If you’re staying stuck tight in your grief, maybe it’s time to unfold into something new”.
  • “Widowers marry again because it makes their lives easier. Widows often don’t, because it makes their lives harder”. – Siri Hustvedt
  • “Widows are divided into two classes — the bereaved and relieved”. – Victor Robinson
  • “My husband is everything to me and without him, it’s just not the same”. – Amy Winehouse
  • “There is no pretending. I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then”. – Jace Wayland
  • “If I had my life to live over again… I’d find you sooner so that I could love you longer”.

Condolence messages on death of friend’s mother

  • “I am extremely sad to hear about the demise of your mother. Please accept my deepest condolences to you and your family. May God gives you all the strength you need”.
  • “It hurts me a lot to hear about the sudden demise of your mother. I extend my heartfelt condolences and support to you and your family during this difficult time”.
  • “My sincere sympathy and condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mother. May you get the strength to handle the unfortunate situation”.
  • “I am sorry to hear that you have lost your mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God give your family courage and patience”.
  • “I am deeply shocked at the sudden death of your mother. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I am always there to support you in this difficult time”.

Condolence messages on death of friend’s father

  • “I was heartbroken to learn about your dad’s passing. I shall never forget all the kind things he did for me.”
  • “Your father was an excellent role model for so many of us. He positively influenced my life and countless others. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.”
  • “Your father was all these things but so much more. He was a pillar of strength to me and I don’t know what I’ll do without him, but I’m comforted that he is in heaven.”
  • “No words can ever express how devastated we are with your father’s passing. We loved him so much! He will forever be in our hearts and we look forward to the day we will see him again in heaven.”

Condolence messages to boss

  • “May you find some comfort in the wonderful memories you made and never forget the special times. Sending my love and sympathy”.
  • “Losing a loved one is absolutely devastating, and I am thinking of you as you try to cope with such a terrible loss. I hope you can find some peace and turn to friends and family for comfort. My most heartfelt condolences”.
  • “I can’t begin to understand how hard this is for you and your whole family. I only hope you can find the strength to get through it. Sending my most sincere loving sympathy for your loss”.
  • “I am deeply sorry to learn of your loss. I know how special he/she was to you and the amazing person they or were. If I can be there for you in any way I will do my best. You are in my thoughts and prayers”.
  • “At a time like this, the last thing you should be concerned about is work or the office. We will all pitch in and keep things running. Your focus should be on you and your family and taking as long as you need to process and grieve a shocking loss. My condolence”.
  • “May the memory of your departed loved one live on through those cherished memories you have”.
  • “Even though our loved ones are cruelly taken from us we must never forget the memories of them we have. May they bring you some solace and comfort amidst the terrible pain of your loss. My most sincere condolences”.
  • “Saying goodbye to someone so important is one of the hardest things we ever do. May you find the strength and courage to let them go and the loving memories you made provide some comfort throughout this devastating time. You will be in my thoughts”.
  • “My heart aches for you. You have always been such a pillar of strength for us and the whole team will be there for you now that you need us. We send our most sincere condolences”.

Condolence messages for co-workers

  • “My deepest condolences for the loss of my co-worker. This untimely death is very difficult to bear. He was not just a colleague for me but also a very dear friend. May God give your family the strength to cope with this saddened time”.
  • “The loss of our colleague deeply saddens us. Please accept our sincere condolences, he will never be forgotten by us. May God gives you peace and strength to bear the situation”.
  • “I extend my deepest sympathy for the demise of my co-worker. I pray to the Lord to bless the departed soul and give strength and courage to cope with the loss”.
  • “My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. We are really sorry to hear about the death of our co-worker. We have lost a very loyal and humble co-worker. We pray that God grants you the strength to bear this pain”.
  • “We are truly sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept our condolences and we pray to Lord that our co-worker’s soul rests in peace. Our thought and prayers are with you and your family”.

Condolence messages to family

  • “I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s loss. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones”.
  • “May my condolences bring you and your family comfort during this dark time”.
  • “I am so saddened by this loss. You have my deepest condolences”.
  • “I will never forget them. Sending kind wishes and love to your family”.
  • “I am truly so sorry for your family’s loss”.
  • “In this sad time, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to your family”.

Religious condolence messages: “May he rest in peace” and beyond

  • “May God be with you and your family in this very sad time”.
  • “I will pray for you all, and keep you in my thoughts”.
  • “May God grant you and your family the strength to bear this loss”.
  • “God bless you and keep you in his care”.
  • “May the Lord bless you in this time of need”.
  • “May God comfort you during this time of grief”.
  • “I hope God gives strength to your family during this painful time”.
  • “May God take care of you and watch over you”.
  • “We wish that God will grant you the power to overcome this difficult moment”.
  • “May God’s mercy and blessing be upon your family at this difficult time”.
  • “God bless the departed soul. We will pray for you”.

How do you express condolences?

Immediate Personal Condolences

  • I’m so sorry to hear of your loss.
  • I’m stunned by this news. …
  • My heart aches to hear this news. …
  • I love you and I’m here for you.
  • Please know that your friends love you and are here for you.
  • I’m so sorry. …
  • My deepest sympathies to you and your family.
  • God bless you and your family.

Bottom Lines

Grief can be difficult to navigate, but it is not something that anyone should face alone. It is comforting to know that people care.  Condolences messages and comforting words shared here are just some of what is there. Share these quotes, tips, and links with someone who might need them.

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