Jacqueline Byers on her role in ‘Prey for the Devil’: Her Journey So Far

Jacqueline Byers

Actress Jacqueline Byers has revealed her motivation for taking on the role in ‘Prey for the Devil,’ a horror film that delves deep into psychological drama.

Set against a global surge in demonic possessions, the film unfolds as the Catholic Church reopens its exorcism schools to equip priests with the Rite of Exorcism. Jacqueline Byers assumes the role of Sister Ann, the central character. 

Amidst a battle of wits between the sacred and the profane, Ann finds herself under the guidance of a professor who instructs her in the art of exorcism, with the mission of rescuing herself and others from the unrelenting clutches of evil spirits.

Discussing her portrayal of Ann in the movie, Jacqueline Byers explained, “While ‘Prey for the Devil’ may appear to be a gripping horror experience, I approached it as a profound exploration of psychology, particularly delving into the psyche of Ann and her underlying motivations.”

Jacqueline Byers continued, describing Ann as a “wounded healer, someone who has endured profound hardships and is determined to spare others from the same torment. 

Her unwavering commitment to defending her mother’s honor propels Ann forward. To Ann, there must be a purpose behind the pain, fear, and anguish they both endured.”

“Ann’s steadfast belief is that her mother was genuinely possessed. She enters the exorcism program at the school, disguising her true intentions with a conventional nursing role. Yet, Ann’s aspirations consistently transcend the boundaries imposed upon her by others.”

Jacqueline Byers Blesses This Movie

In the movie “Prey For The Devil,” directed by Daniel Stamm (known for “The Last Exorcism”), the battle against evil spirits and challenges from the male-dominated society are prominent themes. 

Sometimes, the movie is inspiring and keeps you engaged. But there are moments when it seems empty, reusing ideas we’ve seen in other horror and possession films.

So, what’s the solution? Since it’s Halloween season, you don’t need to overthink things while watching “Prey For The Devil.” To enjoy it fully, you should set aside doubts about whether the “devil” or any demonic force, which supposedly has immense power, can’t completely wreck everything, as Carrie did in her story. But remember, this is Hollywood, not a class on gods and their powers, even the fallen ones.

The best thing about “Prey For The Devil” is Jacqueline Byers. She plays Sister Ann, a nun who believes she’s meant to be the first female exorcist. Jacqueline’s performance is fantastic; you’ll cheer for her character. There might even be a sequel if the movie does well at the box office (just like “Black Adam,” despite its creative challenges). 

And if there is, I hope Sister Ann starts a school for rebel nuns. Imagine seven nuns on the run, fighting off demons – that would be fascinating! But let’s get back to discussing the movie in more detail.

Prey for the Devil Plotline (Spoilers Ahead)

In “Prey For The Devil,” Sister Ann feels a strong inner calling to become the first woman to perform exorcisms. But it takes a lot of work for her. She has to face the Catholic Church’s male-dominated hierarchy and join a newly created exorcism school that emerged due to a rise in demonic possessions worldwide. 

This school is like a club for guys; only trained male priests can perform exorcisms. However, Sister Ann has a unique history. When she was younger, her mother seemed possessed or suffering from a severe mental illness. It’s unclear what happened, but let’s say that Ann’s complex feelings about her mother are deeply connected to spiritual matters.

In simple terms, Sister Ann is a remarkable nun. The devil or demon in “Prey For The Devil” knows this too. As the movie poster indicates, it wants to get involved in her life. But why? Something from Ann’s past, possibly related to her mother, remains unresolved.

Ann gets support from Father Quinn, played by Colin Salmon, who recognizes her talents and agrees to train her. She enters the world of Catholic exorcism alongside another student, Father Dante, portrayed by Christian Navarro. 

Here, Sister Ann must fight for the soul of a young girl. She suspects this girl is possessed by the same demon that troubled her mother years ago. Some of the movie’s scariest scenes involve this possession, and the visual effects team deserves credit for their work. Posy Taylor plays Natalie, the girl who is possessed. 

Her body twists and contorts, she climbs walls, her eyes go dark, her skin becomes scarred, and her hair behaves strangely. It’s quite a mess. Sister Ann believes she’s drawn to Natalie because the demonic force wants something from her. As the story progresses toward the end, Sister Ann and Father Dante grow closer in their efforts to exorcise the demon once and for all.

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