Know All About Double Battery Inverter Prices in 2022

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In today’s world, most of our activities utilize technology and electrical appliances. Hence, power cuts can cause significant trouble at home and work. This is where inverters come into the picture. This power backup device is used to provide a continuous supply of electricity in case of power cuts.

Here is a complete guide about what an inverter is and the double battery inverter price in 2022:

What is an inverter? 

A power inverter helps in converting direct current (DC) from the power stored in the battery to an alternating current (AC).

When there’s a power cut, the inverter switches from mains mode to backup mode and runs the electrical appliances. Once the mains power supply is restored, the inverter charges its battery. 

How to choose an inverter?

A good inverter is efficient, durable, portable, affordable and suitable to your requirements and budget. Therefore, one must consider all essential factors before buying an inverter.

For example, a single battery inverter or low-capacity inverter consists of a single battery designed to give an output of 12V. On the other hand, a double battery inverter is considered the perfect fit for long-hour power cuts. It is a 24V system consisting of two 12V batteries. A double battery inverter is used to run appliances efficiently, such as refrigerators, printers, mixer grinders, etc.

The Ah rating of your inverter battery is determined by your appliances’ power requirement and backup hours.

Double battery inverter prices in 2022

Here are a few budget-friendly and efficient double battery inverters by Luminous:

  • Home UPS Zelio 1700i

With an easy-to-use interface and a capacity of 1500 VA, Zelio 1700i is India’s most intelligent home UPS. It provides control and monitoring through Bluetooth connectivity with android and iOS. It is a sine wave inverter that makes the output smoother and cleaner. This also means that the electricity generated would be more reliable and noiseless. The inverter supports all kinds of batteries, including Tubular, VRLA(SMF), Flat plate, etc. One can also monitor the status of battery charging time and power backup information on the LED display. It supports two batteries and provides all these features at an affordable price.

  • Power X2250

Power X2250 is another cost-effective and excellent inverter that produces a high charging current at low input. In addition, it supports dual batteries and 3-stage smart charging to enhance the battery life.

The inverter supports many batteries such as tubular, flat plate, SMF, etc. It is a pure sine wave inverter. In simple words, a sine wave enables the inverter to produce noiseless and highly efficient output. The capacity of the inverter is 2000VA with a rated power of 1680W. 

Power X2250 is beneficial if you have frequent power cuts for a long time as the inverter supports appliances such as steam iron, immersion rod, etc. at home. It is also suitable for office use as it supports printers, mixer grinders, photocopiers, scanners, etc. 

  • Home UPS Zelio Wi-Fi 1700

This inverter is another high-capacity inverter that provides sine wave output. Its capacity is 1500 VA, and it comes with a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) that protects from input mains in case of any fault in the line. 

The device provides WiFi connectivity on Android and iOS for app monitoring. The LED display shows the status of battery percentage and charging time in the mains mode. In the case of inverter mode, it displays the percentage of running load, backup time, and the available battery status. The electricity produced as the output is noiseless and smooth with low harmonic distortion.

All the inverters mentioned above are high-quality, efficient, durable, and cost-effective. However, checking the rated power consumption of your electrical appliances before buying an inverter is suggested. Visit the luminous website to check the price of the inverter or visit the nearest dealer.

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