Lawmakers pushing Meta To Stop Building An Instagram For Kids Under 13

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We all know that Instagram is causing problems for mental health in young girls and boys. There are studies about this platform being the reason for mental health problems for youngsters.

The experts believe that it is causing self-esteem and social anxiety problems. So, this platform has been under pressure for improvements. At the same time, there are efforts from them to stop the launch of a younger version of the platform.

Efforts to Remove Negative Effects of Instagram

There have been several efforts to remove any kind of features and posts that cause this problem. 

Facebook’s Internal Research

Different authorities have been writing to Mark Zuckerberg to release the internal research on Instagram and mental health. People have been asking him to release this internal information. It is said that they should allow information on at what point Meta knew there were problems on the platform.

Lawmakers are concerned about problems that youngsters face due to this platform. Some of them also urged the company to stop the development of a new platform for kids. 

The Wall Street Journal 

The whole buzz started due to a publication in this news journal that talked about teenagers and Instagram. They published research that shows Meta is not concerned about this platform’s problems.

The debate ignited strongly when lawmakers showed their concern about internal studies. It is said that this platform is causing several types of mental health problems for youngsters. And that is why authorities are urging Meta to stop its work on a younger version of Instagram.

What Does Meta Have to Say?

Regarding the criticism, the company has to say a lot for themselves. They hold a point that a younger audience can help have a better experience. Although they are aware of youngsters’ problems, they are not taking real action. The authorities are concerned about these facts. Moreover, they are not sure what could actually be the state. They do not know how much harm this platform is actually doing.

What Are Meta Planning For Kids?

When it is about what Meta is looking to provide kids with, they plan to follow the good practices. The Meta authorities say they are looking to have a version for ages 10 to 12. 

They also plan to give the authority to the parents. The thing is that they are looking to give patents the authority of what accounts their children follow. This shows their concern about providing the right content for this age. 

At the same time, lawmakers are looking to shut down Meta’s project due to their concerns. So, we are all set to give them a red card to stop this one.

What are the Reasons for The Problems?

When we talk about the reasons for the problem, we find out that certain types of posts are igniting the problems. Among the problems that are coming, there are mental health issues about body image. This means young girls are taking edited and real images too seriously. 

This seriousness is converting into frustration about their body image. It has also been considered a reason for depression and anxiety. At the same time, these issues are considered reasons for suicides in young children.

What are the Lawmakers Looking for Next?

It does not end here. The lawmakers are looking to take more steps to make the internet a safer place for youngsters. They say that if Instagram can not solve the problems, how a younger version will.

These lawmakers say that children can access harmful content. And in many cases, such content would pop up within 24 hours of them making accounts. Some of the worst types of content they have to face are sexualized imagery, extreme diets, and eating disorders.

Final Thoughts 

We talked about a new controversy in the internet world and mental health problems. Instagram is considered safe by many commoners. But the reality is different. Some youngsters have been having problems with this platform. This shows a dire need for improvements in the platform to ensure mental health. People looking to grow their following can grow your Instagram followers for their better credibility.

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