Questions For Couples Games

Questions For Couples Games

Looking for Questions For Couples Games? Questions for your spouse to discuss? You can try this (FREE!) DIY Couples Questions Game is packed with intriguing questions about relationships. This is the most comprehensive list of questions that you can ask your partner to ensure you can ensure that your conversations never end.

Want more? You can double it to reach 300. Try to figure out what the other player will be saying… But make sure that they record their response before you ask them, to ensure that there is no chance of cheating.

Do you want to make it more competitive? Take a look at the points you each scored right and see which one of you with the highest points wins. (There’s no better than a little bit of healthy contest to get you closer together, right?)

And of course, keeping it casual can be a great option. It’s all about your relationship, the style you prefer, and the type of night-out look you’re hoping for.

The good thing is that this Questions For Couples Games is extremely flexible and relies on your responses! Let’s start right now let’s get started, shall we?

Game: The Ultimate Couples Question Game

As previously mentioned, the Questions For Couples Games are made up of four categories:

>>Questions about them: These questions will assist you in getting to get to know your partner (or find out how you already know them!) It’s always a fascinating one

Questions about you: This section is less about how well you/you are familiar with them and more about what they think of you. (Super juicy!)

Questions on the relationship: These questions are pretty adorable. They’ll have you discussing the relationship, and even reminiscing about it as well as learning what is most important to you and your partner.

>>Questions about love: Last and not least we’ve got the general questions regarding love. You can ask your partner’s thoughts and views on these sorts of matters.

Start at the top or scroll through and take it all in! Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable conversation by using the following…


The first portion of our Questions For Couples Games to ask the couple. Ask your partner questions to become acquainted with them on an intimate level.

1.) What do you think you’re most passionate about?

2.) Is there anything that is your greatest anxiety?

3.) If you were able to achieve only one of your goals in life What is it?

4.) If you could define yourself in three words What would they be?

5) What would be the highest you consider your confidence on an 0-10 scale?

6) What character traits do you enjoy the most about yourself and dislike the least?

7) What physical aspect do you enjoy the most about yourself and dislike the least?

8.) Do you prefer to be beautiful or smart? Which one do you think you’re more?!

9) What is the one thing that only me (or only a few people) have about you?

10.) What do you believe that I comprehend you? Do I usually able to discern or interpret things correctly?

11.) If you could grant the power of three desires right now at this moment, which do you think they would be? (Quickfire! You’ve got 30 seconds to make a decision on the spot… otherwise, they’ll disappear! )

Let’s Continue…

12.) If you were anywhere in the world today in the future, where could you go and what would you be doing there?

13) What is your ideal job?

14) What would you do with your time after retirement? (Ask the question two different ways. If first, they have unlimited funds, and secondly basing it on their expectations of what they’re able to accomplish realistically! )

15.) If you were able to go back any year in your life, which year would you pick and what would you choose?

16.) If you had the chance to be able to meet just one individual (from any time period) whom would you choose and what would it be about?

17.) Which are the three top successes in your life so far? What are your top three regrets?

18.) If you could alter one aspect of yourself What would you choose to change?

19.) If you were able to discover something about your future then what would you prefer to find out? What could you decide to do in the event that that wasn’t what you expected but you weren’t able to alter it?

20) What’s your most loved food, meal, dessert, fruit, drink, or chocolate? Etc. You can see the picture!

21) What is your top music, film, or TV show? Etc.

22) What’s the first thing you’re thinking about the moment you awake?

23) What’s the most bizarre or weird nightmare you’ve experienced? or one you’ve experienced recently?

Question Game for Couples…

24) What do you feel your upbringing and family have influenced your perception of love? perceive love?

25) What do you believe are the primary factors that have helped shape your character into what you are today?

26) Which are your top five or 10 most loved people on the planet?

27) If you had the chance to return to school, what classes would you want to repeat?

28) What’s the most stupid thing you’ve done? (Fun) What’s the most difficult lesson you’ve learned? (Serious)

29) Do you have any advice you would like to impart to your future self?

30) Which was your initial crush or your first kiss or your first girlfriend/boyfriend? How long was it? (We’re talking about primary school types of friendships here. These are not serious relationships! )

31) What are the things that bring meaning to your life? What do you think will be your “purpose” in your life?

32) What small things make you smile?

33) What music would you like to listen to all night and never be bored?

34) If you had one dress for the entire calendar year (day as well as night, and that’s all you have in your closet) What would you choose? You’re welcome to dress in layers for winter!

35) Do you believe you’re an optimist, pessimist, or a realist? Which is the most suitable one?


It’s the second section of the couple’s game and we’ll swap it up to find out what people think of you and what they have to say about you! What’s the most appealing thing you see in me?

36) What is your favorite thing about me?

37) What is your favorite physical feature from mine?

38) If you could summarize me in three words What would they be?

39) What is the one thing that you admire about me? or something I do that brings you joy?

40) What was the most significant factor that attracted you to me? What did I do to draw you into my world?!

41) Did you ever feel not sure about my feelings or did you feel that we were on the same level?

42) What is it that makes you feel more passionately in love with me? What is your relationship with me? developed in the past?

43) What is the one thing you dislike about me? (Be nice!)

44) What sets me apart from others you’ve interacted with?

45) What is the one thing you believe that no one knows about you?

46) Do you consider me to be easy to read?

47) How often do you think I’ve crossed your thoughts throughout the day?

48) What’s the best action I’ve done for you?

49) On the other hand I’m curious what you think is something that I’ll never forget about you giving me.

50) If you had to organize a huge present for me (and there was no cost to me) What would you propose to me? Is there anything you would think I’d most enjoy?

51) What’s something I’ve accomplished for you, that really impressed you? Perhaps something that will be with you?

52) What’s something that you believe you don’t inform me in sufficient detail (if you do) however, you would like me to be aware of?

53) Which side of me do I show that is distinct?

54) What do you think I’m most afraid of?

55) If you had the chance to ask me a query (anything on earth!) What would you like to be able to

56) What’s your top outfit and why?

57) If you were able to transport me to any place for a romantic trip Where would we go and what would it be for?

58) If you were able to give me one desire (but you wouldn’t be able to ask me what I would like) What would you gift me?

Relationship Issues For Couples…

59) What do you think I believe in that you think isn’t true?

60) Which do you believe I’m claiming to believe in, that you don’t believe to be the truth?

60) What is one thing you’d like me to do differently about myself? This one’s a little uncertain!

64) What is the one thing that keeps me from progressing?

62) What is a skill I have that I’m not even aware of?

63) Which famous TV or book character do I bring you back to the most?

64) What is the one thing that you notice about me that you think that not many people have?

65) What is the last time I let my tears flow? (Either in sadness or with laughter, either way, both count!)

66) What kind of job do you think will fit my style of personality perfectly?

(67) If you had to be on a deserted island with one of my relatives or friends which one would you pick and why? (Think tactically!)

68) What is the longest you think I’d be able to last without … enter the variable below …?

69) What’s your favorite… enter any of the variables there …?

70) Tell me something you’d like me to be aware of… today… get out to move!

Questions about the relationship

We’re about halfway through and the next part in our game for couples will be about your relationship!

71) In which ways do you think we’re alike? In what ways do you believe we’re different?

72) What do you think we complement one another? What are the factors that make us work effectively?

73) In the event that you had to sum up our relationship in just three words what are they?

74) What are some of your most memorable memories of ours?

75) If you could alter one aspect of the relationship What would you change?

76) When our bond was like a film, which one would you choose? (Think of some most romantic romance films!)

77) What was the date you first realize that you felt a connection with me?

78) Which one do you think was the first to fall in love with You or me?

79) What makes you feel most appreciated? What is your favorite way to be loved?

80) What’s the most romantic thing that you’ve done or want to do?

81) Do you believe that we have the same values, beliefs, and morals?

82) What about attachment styles Do you think we share the same in our relationship?

83) Are you of the opinion that we have more commonalities or differences? Which is more important?

84) Do you think that we are looking for similar things in our relationship and in life? In what ways are they the case and in what ways might they differ?

How are You Guys Getting On?

85) If you could get just kisses or cuddles throughout your existence, which one would you pick?

86) What is your vision of our “happy ever after’? …’? Your vision for where you’d like us to go?

87) (Fun one with no stress …) What are your most favored male and baby girl names?

88) Do you think we’ll be being parents together? If then, what kind of parenting style do you believe we’d be?

89) Do you envision us having a wedding? If then, what kind of wedding will we be having?

90) What are you the most satisfied with us in our relationship?

91) What do you think that you’re a good friend? How can you improve?

92) Do you consider can make me a great partner? How can I make my partner better?

93) What is it that makes you feel like I am close to you?

94) What’s it like to be held by you? Kiss me. Do you want to touch me?

95) What do you think of me when you see me?

96) Do you have anything which makes you feel uneasy in your relationship?

97) Feel as if you have the ability to speak to me about something? Are there things you’d like us to talk about more? or anything you’d like to could discuss more freely?

98) Do you think we’ve got good communication? Give it a rating on a scale from 1 to 10!

99) What do you think about how we manage conflict? Do we have the same or different ways of dealing with conflict?

100) What do you consider to be the best method in order to “make up” after a conflict? Do you think we resolve it this way enough?

Couples Question Game…

101) Do you think we’d be able to last in an extended distance relationship? Say we lived in different cities/counties/countries? If you were to live in one, how would you manage to be able to survive?

102) Did you have a moment when you wondered about the love I have for you? If yes what was the time and when?

103) Which one do you believe is more successful in our relationship?

104) What do you have gained from your relationships in the past that made yours stronger or more effective?

105) If we were the same celebrity couple Who would you choose? #CoupleGoals

106) If we had to come up with new pet names for one another What would you choose? What would you name me, and what would you prefer to have for yours?

107) What’s your worst image of yourself?

108) Three things that you’d like for us to do?

109) What are your wishes that we could have more time for?

110) Do you think that we are spending too long with each other or less?

111) If we saw things in at things in a different manner, do you think we’d be in the same place today?

112) What is one thing that you believe would improve our relationship?

113) What do you think is the most difficult thing we’ve overcome as two people?

114) Which of the following do you believe we could consider being normal about someone else?

115) What do you feel that we’ve evolved as individuals and as couples since when we first met? (For better or worse!)


And lastly, We’ve made it to section four, which is the final step to conclude our relationship-related questions. Wow! That’s a heck of a lot of material to get to go through!

In this section, we’ll ask general questions about relationships and love. This is perhaps the most fascinating category we’ve seen because it examines your partner’s opinions against your personal beliefs.

116) How can you tell that you’re in love?

117) Would you like to believe that the concept of love from the first moment?

118) Does there exist a”soul mate”?

119) What are your thoughts about marriage?

120) What is the reason you believe that the divorce rate is this high? Does that put you off from the idea of getting married?

121) Are you of the opinion that people change once they’re in the course of a relationship? To better or worse? In what ways?

122) What is the amount you think you need to give up in an intimate relationship? or change your personality to be with someone else?

123) Do you think star signs have any value for compatibility in a relationship?

124) 124) What’s the most significant type of love, and what is the reason?

125) Are you convinced that that ex is an acquaintance?

126) Do you believe it’s normal for ex-partners to rekindle their relationship together? What are the reasons? Does it work?

127) Which do you consider to be the greatest aspect of being in the same relationship?

128) What do you consider to be the best relationship advice you’ve received? Is it the most effective relationship advice you’ve ever received?

The Ultimate Question Game for Couples…

129) What’s the one thing that makes you fear the love you have for someone? Or, what do you think the majority of people are worried about in relationships and why?

130) How do you feel that it would be to love with the majority of the population?

131) What is the reason people lose the love they have for each other? Does that is a sign that they’re not really mutually compatible?

132) What is the most common way you believe is it for people to think they’re in love, yet they’re not? What are the most significant differentiators between these?

133) Do you feel it’s hard to trust someone else? Should people be cautious?

134) What is it for you to be capable of trusting someone completely? What is that like? What is the best way to do it?

135) How do you believe trust can be rebuilt after it’s damaged? (If you believe it can be.)

136) What do you consider cheating?

137) Which is worse: an emotional or physical one? Why is that?

138) Do you believe in karma? (Particularly in relation to the wrong treatment in relationships?

Here are the Last Questions…

139) What do you believe one should place in the views of people around them in relation to relationships? If, for instance, your family did not approve or like my relationship with me and you were to consider it a factor in your decision to stay with me? Should it or not? Why?

140) Do you think that people need to change their behavior for their spouse?

141) What think are indications of an unhealthy relationship?

142) What do you consider can make a healthy relationship lasting, and happy? (Or ever-lasting!)

143) What do consider to be the most romantic gestures someone can do to another to show that they truly care?

144) What do consider the most powerful type of connection? A physical connection or an emotional one?

145) Which do you believe triggers the most problems in relationships?

146) Do you believe it is important if one earns more than another in the course of a relationship? How can this create problems? Look at the issue from both perspectives and from both sides.

147) What is the toughest aspect of finding a long-term partner?

148) What do you consider to be the most beneficial and least enjoyable thing about today’s dating scene?

149) Do you prefer to have an extraordinary love that doesn’t last forever or normal love that will last?

150) Do you …enter the most bizarre situation Here… for love?

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