Top 6 Sexy Couple Games-

sexy couple games

Are you still with your partner after a while? Do you feel like things are getting boring in your bedroom? It’s easy to lose your spark, especially when you are both working and living daily.

You can still spark the passion between you by playing some Sexy Couple Games! Take a look at some of our ideas and then spend some time with your partner having fun.

Here we have provided some sexy couple games:

➪ The “Time Bomb

This game is great for anyone who enjoys foreplay. You can set a timer that lasts between 15-30 minutes. You can only engage in foreplay until the timer goes off. You can play to see who winds up the other most, but penetration is not allowed after that bell rings.

➪ “What Do you Want to Try?”

Although this game requires some preparation, it can be great fun for you both. You can ask questions that revolve around trying different things. You could ask, “What are you most interested in trying?”

Mix the questions together and place them in a pile. Then, take turns drawing one question and then reading it aloud. You each give your honest answers after the reader counts down to three. If you answer the same as the reader, you can do what you want!

➪ The “Bedroom Rumble”

This bedroom game will allow you to get to know your partner better and increase your anticipation. Your partner will be lying on the bed, naked, while you stand in the doorway. Ask your partner questions about yourself, such as “What’s your favorite scent?” and “Where do you like to be kissed?” Each item you answer correctly will allow you to move closer to the bed until it is time to claim your prize.

This sexy game can be fun to change up. You can take turns standing in front of the doorway, or you could try it in different places in your home.

➪ “Blindfold Fun”

This bedroom idea is great for couples, even though the title may seem a bit stale. The blindfolded person is the one who takes over. The blindfolded person can lead the blindfolded person around the house and gives permission to the other person to do what they wish. You can add an extra twist by setting a timer. When the timer goes off you must switch to another person!

➪ “Guess Where”

Another fun game for couples who love to foreplay. You can have one partner pick a spot they would like the other to kiss. But don’t shout it! You must kiss your partner until you find the spot. Have fun and switch roles!

➪ “Guess What”

The last game can be quite fun, but it’s not for everyone. Your partner should sit on the ground or kneel, their eyes closed and their mouth open. Next, place various body parts against your partner’s mouth and ask them to guess. To keep things interesting, switch roles!

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