Steps to Start an Online Business as a Coach

Online Business as a Coach

Entrepreneurs offering business and life coaching have great scope to establish their careers as online coaches. It’s clearly a hot field, with no hurdles to entry, thanks to the modern advancements in technology. But not everyone can be a successful online coach earning a 5-figure income.

However, there are ways you can bring your knowledge online, skyrocket your reach, and earn a good income from it. If you have solid experience and expertise in any field and you love to reach out to people to offer guidance, here is a quick guide to get started and stand out from the crowd. 

A step-by-step guide to creating an online coaching business 

Here are essential steps to start an online coaching business.

Select your target market

To get into the online coaching business, think about who you want to serve. After finding a niche, get specific. This step is absolutely significant. If there is one winning strategy to grow your online coaching business, it is to define your target market carefully. 

If you have been a fitness coach for years, you will understand clients’ desires, challenges, and language. Then, it becomes easy to sell your products and services to them.

On the other hand, if you have never been into fitness in your life, you would probably struggle to sell your products to them. 

When selecting a target market, get answers to the following questions. 

  • What are your interests, and what are you passionate about?
  • Is there anything that you have great expertise in?

Choose a specific problem you want to help your audience solve

After choosing a niche, think about the problems or a specific problem you can help your target market solve. The more specific you can get down, the better. 

When you are specific, it becomes easier to become an expert to help the people in need. Learn about your target audience and tailor your services to solve their specific challenges and problems. This helps you to achieve better coaching results. You would want your ideal customers to hear about your coaching services and know that you are the coach who can solve their exact problems. 

Understand the competition

Conducting a competitor analysis helps you identify successful strategies, new trends, and ensures you stay ahead in the market. It also equips you to prepare your position in the industry and craft an overall business strategy carefully. 

So how do you conduct a competitor analysis efficiently?

  • Sign up for competitors’ newsletter.
  • Subscribe to their blog.
  • Follow them on social media.

While doing these activities, document your findings on each approach. You will find relevant insights from these. Analyse their customer experience, understand how they engage their clients with content, and the measures they adopt to drive sales. If your competitor brand offers products along with other services, buy a product they sell or just abandon a product in their cart. You will get valuable insights into how they respond to these situations.

Select a business model

When planning to start an online coaching business, it is important to consider some of the tried and tested business models. 

Here are some of the business models to consider.

➪ Coaching and consulting

Become an online coach and sell your expertise, advice, and guidance to your target audience. 

➪ Information products

Convert your expertise into worksheets, templates, eBooks, and online courses to sell to your clients. 

➪ Selling subscriptions

Create an online coaching website that your clients can use to book appointments for live sessions with you and buy online courses. You can allow clients to access the coaching for a recurring subscription fee paid either monthly or yearly. 

➪ Affiliate marketing

Promote products of other brands and receive a commission for each sale your clients make. This passive income idea is excellent to implement if you partner with the right affiliate networks relevant to your audience. 

➪ Hourly rate for sessions

You can charge hourly pricing for your coaching session where your clients are free to buy individual sessions without getting into a long-term commitment. 

Build your online coaching platform

Once you have identified your target market and potential clients, it’s time to build your online coaching website. But how? The easiest way is to use any coaching software or a ready-made solution to launch an efficient online coaching platform to connect with your potential clients. A white-label software comes with all the necessary features and revenue generation tools one would need to offer coaching services to clients. 

Best course management software like Pinlearn leverage the latest technologies to offer the best user experience. With separate interfaces for users, coaches, and the admin, the script is fully packed with functionalities required by online coaches to perform their tasks efficiently.

Convert your service to a product

When you turn your service to products, you are creating something tangible to offer customer-centric solutions. You can set up packaged consulting programs with a set price. 

You are often compared when you sell your time as an online coach. But when you sell a product or a coaching program, you are free to sell the value of it. Once you become more effective at delivering your coaching services, you can easily pave the path to get paid on the value delivered rather than the hours you work. 

Tips to excel as an online coach

➪ Be clear about the message and the value you offer

A language is a powerful tool that online coaches can leverage to clarify their message. Avoid using generalist languages like “transformation”, “well-being”, “happiness”, etc., too much. The online coaching market is saturated with similar types of messages, language, visual identities, and digital marketing strategies. Hence, leverage the opportunity to be the change and to become a reputable coaching business.

➪ Don’t share all knowledge and insights at once

When you provide coaching services to clients in any niche, never offer all the knowledge at once. Instead, give your customer only what they need to move to the next. You might have a lot of information to share, but too much of anything can make your clients feel overwhelmed. Give them what they need now, allow them to execute the ideas, and then give them what they need next to proceed to the next level. 

➪ Envision your business and work backward

Many coaches get stuck due to a lack of idea of who they serve and how to market to them. They have no strategy and are always trying new things and hopping from one tactic to another. The problem is that they are stuck in a reactive business model. However, successful online coaches are proactive. They have a clear business vision and take strategic actions based on their unique vision. To run a successful online coaching business, envision your business goal and work backward. 


The online coaching business is a lucrative industry you can enter if you want to pursue your career as an online coach. However, the online coaching business doesn’t take off immediately for everyone. To build and launch a successful coaching business, get your fundamentals right. 

One of the best ways to successfully build your online coaching business is to become a source for everything your potential clients need to succeed. Bring your expertise online and reach out to clients around the globe and influence more people than you can do in a traditional coaching business.

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