The Best Comp Games

The Best Comp Games

Given the sheer amount of games that our list is able to take a small portion of the many excellent Comp Games. However, we hope you’ll get something you’ll enjoy from our list.

If you’re an action-oriented person and love shooting enemies in Gears 5 or slicing demons into fragments with Devil May Cry 5 are your top choices. Both are stunning in their own unique ways and feature the same mechanics that have been perfected throughout their lengthy franchises and these games are the best to date.

If you’d rather something a bit more leisurely yet still thrilling Then Chimera Squad is a strategy game that lets you challenge your mind against those looking to dismantle the fragile human-alien relationship by using an unusual cast of agents.

1. Stray

It’s likely that you’ve been in a cyberpunk setting or two during your time gaming, but have ever played as an animal? This is what makes Stray an entertaining little game.

Apart from exploring with felines It also is awash by delivering information in drips about the world and places you’re trying your best to go with plenty of cat-related activities such as scratching at things or relaxing. The best part is the tiny open-world areas where you need to complete several sub-tasks to advance, while the more linear, linear platforming and escape missions are a great way to make the game more complete.

2. Ghostwire: Tokyo

Inflicting you into battle against scary opponents with supernatural powers, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a large open-world game that lets players discover Tokyo, the Japanese city to unravel the mystery of how people have vanished and ghosts have been able to take over.

As a normal man, however, with the soul of a detective chugging along within your head the way you fight back against the supernatural invasion is through karate fundamentals that are certainly different from the typical gun or sword action heroes are equipped with. There are a few elements of the plot that can keep this level of originality and excitement, but you’ll be captivated by the sights of fog-shrouded Tokyo throughout the conclusion of the adventure as well as through the adventures and tangents you’ll encounter along the way as well.

3. Monster Hunter Rise

Already a participant in our top Nintendo Switch games, the PC version of MH: Rise allows the game to become it’s own due to the power of gaming PCs.

The game is the same as it was before: a narrative that revolves around the ending of the “Rampage” of monsters that roam the wild and a game-play cycle of battling monsters, collecting loot, and upgrading your equipment to be ready for the next challenge. The only thing that will help you along the path is your Palamute-riding companion as well as a brand new grappling hook. Both of these can alter the way you combat and travel in innovative ways.

It’s regrettable it’s a shame that the PC version does not have an option to transfer your saved game data from the Switch since this is undoubtedly the best edition in the series. If you haven’t tried it before or want to make another trip to Kamura it’s definitely worth the time.

4. Elden Ring

The tough exploration and fighting that is Dark Souls, Demons’ Souls and Bloodborne finally open the world in the most recent From Software game. The Tarnished is faced to explore the Lands Between to find a method to restore the original Ring.

Common elements such as the limited safe zones, multiplayer features like messages, as well as lethal boss battles are all there but scattered across the map, waiting for you to hunt them down and not in the middle of the corridor. However, even those who aren’t familiar with the Soulsborne genre will enjoy the game quite easily, and don’t be afraid to step away by Elden Ring if you haven’t tried it before.

5. Alan Wake Remastered

The game returns to Bright Falls in this refreshed version of the first Alan Wake and its two DLC packs. As the shabby-skinned and stylish jack of character, you take an excursion to what appears like a small town to escape from things. However, a series of more serious issues come to Alan after his wife disappears while Bright Falls is infested by monsters from the shadows.

The game is like a typical third-person shooter, however before you can fill your opponents with bullets, it’s your responsibility to burn away their layers of darkness by firing an unending blast from your flashlight. With only a handful of sources of light other than the one beam that’s on your arm, it is imperative to select your targets or keep them in check while you head to the next safe zone. With the creepy television series theme, there’s a ton of ominous, delicious atmosphere to take in while you play.

6. Psychonauts 2

It’s been a while since the first Psychonauts delighted us with its fun gaming and imaginative worlds and we’re thrilled to play the sequel.

With brand new and more customizable abilities psychically, it’s more enjoyable to play as Raz again. In addition, with the additional capability of modern computers each and every unique setting and collection of enemies look amazing. With the story happening directly after the initial (and an in-depth review at the beginning of the gameplay), it’s not a problem when trying to figure out what’s happening.

7. Guilty Gear Strive

The most recent entry in the intense 2D fighting series is the most accessible. It’s the comprehensive tutorial, the plethora of training missions and mission options to help you master moves and combinations, or the comprehensive glossary and other resources to aid in getting you familiar with the plot, GG Strive gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself.

Although the story mode is well worth your time if you’re a lover of action in anime The heart of the game is its single-on-one combat. Every character comes with an arsenal of fast and deadly moves however, it’s up to you to figure out how to connect them and defeat your opponent. Combine dramatic scenes like aerial combinations wall breaks, wall break-ups, and stage changes and every fight is exciting even if you’re not a skilled fighter.

8. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Following a disappointing launch on the previous Generation of consoles classic Mass Effect trilogy has returned with a revised edition for the PC and Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X/S, PS5 as well as Xbox Series X/S.

It’s not just a fresh coating of paint applied to the classic games, however. Bioware has altered the gameplay and controls to make each of the games play smoothly. Yes, it includes the well-known Mako Tank from the original game.

To make the whole package complete All games come with all the DLC as well including weapons and armor or a full story-based expansion. With this many high-quality games to experience, This is, without doubt, one of the top PC games available today.

9. Little Nightmares II

A sequel that’s as excellent as the first Little Nightmares II again puts you in the role of a fragile child trying to escape from the clutches of terrifying adults. You’re not the only one but you’re not alone. The game is played by Mono who is a boy sporting an empty paper bag, however, your team is Six who wears the yellow jacket that was featured in the game’s first version.

As you’d expect, there are enemies to fight or avoid and a variety of traps and environmental hazards to navigate around. The sound and visual design are as eerie as ever, helping create general anxiety while you explore this Pale City. It’s on the smaller side of the best PC games yet it’s very memorable.

10. Nioh 2 The Complete Edition

Nioh 2 is the sequel of 2017’s Nioh maintains the already difficult fundamentals of the action RPG in place but adds fun features on top of that. The setting is an early-modern Japan where there are a variety of evil and good spirits, you play as a half-spirit and half-human. As you travel across the islands, you’ll meet important historical characters who were part of The Sengoku Era, as well as battle the yokai who stands at your side

The obvious reference to it is the Dark Souls series. Combat is swift and deadly for players and you however, you can enhance your skills with new weapons you find and create that will allow you to make it to your next point of the checkpoint. It’s not just about traditional weapons or switching fight stances however because your Yokai Shift power allows you to assume the appearance of foes that you have defeated. The ferocity of battles and the variety of intricate mechanics mean that the game will require dedicated effort to complete.

11. Hades

After being hidden from the Epic Games Store as an exclusive early access game since the end of 2018. Hades is now out as a fully-fledged game on other platforms and swiftly was acclaimed for being among the top PC games on the market. It is an uncommon combination of a roguelike with a full, multi-faceted story. You, as Hades Zagreus’ son Zagreus are required to struggle across Hades (the place that is not your father’s) every time until you get to Mount Olympus.

Other gods from the Greek pantheon are also waiting to interact. They function as protagonists in the tale, and as ways to enhance your character’s abilities and abilities that are a reflection of their role within the pantheon. Every time you play, you’ll have to try an entirely new set of talents, and every success is a step further.

12. Microsoft Flight Simulator

There aren’t any other PC games listed here that provide you with the entire world of possibilities to play however, the most recent flight sim game from Microsoft provides precisely that, and it does so with amazing size and an exquisitely precise hangar for the aircraft pilot.

There’s the option of either light aircraft or massive passenger jets that lets you take on the role of an amateur pilot on your own or as the pilot of commercial aircraft. This game is designed to simulate the characteristics of flight accurately, which is influenced by daylight and weather effects in real-time It’s difficult to gain a clear experience of flying one of these aircraft without actually getting into the cockpit of a real aircraft.

While you can get nerdy about every setting and the control of your aircraft but you can also let the game handle the difficult stuff while you fly around exploring landmarks across the globe, and touching on some of the game’s intricate airports.

13. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

You’re probably not playing this game (unless you have a PS4 and also) And since this game comes packed with DLC bundled in, there’s a better way to enjoy this adventure in the open world. In someplace in the US after an unconfirmed catastrophe, human tribes struggle to remain in peace amid the animal-like robots that have taken over the world. Being an exiled Aloy however, you’re bound to be a part of something bigger.

While your human adversaries are equipped with the same assortment of bows, spears, and slings taking on machines, especially the more powerful versions, requires more strategic thinking.

There’s a narrative to explore and it helps clarify the world’s history and the reasons why it got to be in this manner, and it’s very enjoyable by itself. It’s the exploration of the beautiful yet bleak urban landscapes that have been reclaimed by plants and trees as you hunt down your metal prey through Frontal and traps and then finally take it down after a long intense battle that earns H: ZD a place on the top PC titles list.

14. Persona 4 Golden

Following the 2008 JRPG was re-made for PlayStation Vita, the expanded version of the game can now be played on PC and brings the cult PlayStation games to a different player group. As a high schooler, You spend the year being a resident of the city Inaba combating in another reality that you battle the Shadows with your fellow students, with ‘Personas’ – the manifestations of your personal selves which have immense power as weapons.

As this is an RPG most of the time you spend searching for new Personas to play with and increasing your abilities, which entails doing various tasks with members of your Investigation Team, meaning you increase your power and become more engaged with the world and characters while at the same time. Combat follows the form of a turn-based game, which means that even though fighting the forces of evil may be challenging, you don’t require an enormous amount of mechanical expertise or a lot of reactions to winning. With a long campaign to finish it’s one of the slowest games on our top PC games and will create a lasting impression on players for quite a while.

15. Streets of Rage 4

Reviving the spirit of the iconic 1990s Sega franchise following many years of silence Streets of Rage 4 is an arcade game that requires at least four players. combat their way through a gang of criminals in order to defeat a pair of evil twins who are determined with taking over Wood Oak City. This is a throwback to classic arcade games, however, it’s loaded with modern-day polish, which means that novice players will be as thrilled playing it as the experienced players will be.

Like any skilled fighter, the character you choose has an extensive list of unique moves you can use However, you must be careful as the use of these techniques could endanger your health if not used properly. For fans of mechanics using the game’s juggling feature, it lets you do some really fancy combinations as long as you practice.

Alongside being able to play in the Story mode, players have the option of a boss rush to take on the toughest opponents in a row and in an Arcade mode that grants you a finite amount of lives, and an option of fighting other players in case you are looking for a test.

16. Wildfire

Stealth games typically give you the ability to use to get around however, Wildfire will let you burn it down. It’s one of a variety of different ways to find ways to get past your opponents whether by yourself or in a group with a friend.

As a witch who was granted firepower by an exploding meteor, you’ll develop your abilities in this as well as other RPG elements that you can use to defeat an army of invading soldiers from your home while rescuing villagers on the way.

This is definitely the most popular PC game list player with a great score and meticulously designed pixels. This is a fantastic game to play just for the story, however, it also has a variety of challenges and speed runs goals for players who want to dive into gameplay mechanics. It’s an excellent illustration of the kind of quality indie games the PC platform allows to develop.

17. Ori as well as the Will of Wisps

The sequel of 2015’s Ori and the Blind Forest features the same “Metroidvania” style of gameplay – taking you to every corner in the large globe, collecting different powers and abilities and features additional game-play tweaks and variations, and the story is just as empathetic as the original. In contrast to other Metroidvania games, which are only populated by the player and everything else trying to take you down There are plenty of friendly NPCs to meet too. They’ll assist you in your objectives and will also aid in defining the world and making it seem like something worthy of protecting.

The game that is on our best PC games is an absolute feast for the eyes and ears as well. The artwork was done by hand and then scanned and rendered and looks like a rare game available out there. The orchestral soundtrack will help to highlight the most intimate and dramatic moments of your journey.

18. XCOM: Chimera Squad

You might be familiar with the relaunched XCOM series which is a battle between you and your group of highly-tech soldiers against an alien force. It’s a fairly traditional strategy show or at least it was before Chimera Squad appeared. The alien invasion has ended and instead, extraterrestrials, humans, and hybrids of both live in peace, apart from the resistance group which you’re now charged with fighting

Instead of randomized forces, Chimera Squad gives you the option of small pre-set human and alien teams each with their own unique abilities. Turn orders are arranged around distinct characters which means that your strategic goals will change constantly. The base isn’t as well, and instead, you’re operating out of an already-built facility located within a single city. It’s a different type of XCOM however the risk of altering so many of the established guidelines for the franchise has resulted in a positive outcome.

19. God of War

The game that was originally a PS4 exclusive, such as the previously mentioned Horizon Zero Dawn, is now available for PC. What a show it’s. The action-adventure title that reinvents God of War, God of War of old is stunning on PC with 60 frames per second, rather than the 30 frames per second that are available on the original PS4.

Even if it doesn’t work smoothly, it’s still an enjoyable game to take part in. It takes a deep dive into Old Norse mythology, which is a largely untapped source of information and lore and is wrapped up in an intimate father and son tale that is truly compelling. Also, the action itself is amazing as it never gets boring and delivers a good dose of fun in the process. This is one game that you won’t wish to miss.

20. Disco Elysium

You’re a police officer in the City of Revachol and you’re experiencing the same problems as the town as well as an unlucky episode of amnesia. When a dead body is found on a branch you along with your more stable coworker Kim are assigned to solve the mystery.

It is possible to use your brain or brute force to uncover the cause of the crime, enhancing your skills while acquiring new skills as you progress. The reason this game is one of the top PC games is that the majority of these don’t require typical combat skills. It instead gives you imaginative capabilities, like tolerance to pain, to aid you in dealing with the problems that you’ll encounter. At the end of the day, you’ll either be with a reputation as a creditor to the forces or in a mess, having broken up alliances with the factions of the game while trying to unravel the mysteries.

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