The Most Popular Casino Games in Asia

The Most Popular Casino Games in Asia

Casino-based gambling is popular all across the world, people worldwide enjoy to play jackpots online, but in different countries, the games may differ slightly. However, from America to Asia the games that are played can be totally different. 

Gambling is just as popular in Asia as it is in other corners of the world, in fact, research even states that the gambling market in Asia actually accounts for around 50% of all consumer spending in the global industry. 

Asians love gambling, however, it is not just those on the Asian continents that love Asian casino games, they are quite popular, so let’s spend today finding out what the most popular casino games in Asia are!

Gambling In Asia

Casinos and gambling have become massive in Asia over time, some have even estimated that the revenue for Macau back in 2015 was around $28 billion. 

A long time ago, many citizens in Asia would have had to travel to the US in order to gamble. However, in nations like Singapore and Japan, they have been changing their attitude to gambling and there could even be a significant change in the gambling scene here. 

There are some very popular games in Asia that are not as popular in the rest of the world. Some of the games are very popular in other parts of the world, but many you may have heard of before.

Let’s take a look at some! 

#1. Baccarat

Baccarat is widely popular across the globe, and it is also considered to be one of the most desirable gambling games in Asia as well. While it does have an elite reputation it is very popular amongst all Asian gamblers. 

Remember that in China and other parts of Asia the number 8 is lucky, it is associated with good fortune, which is probably why baccarat is so popular. As an 8 or a 9 in baccarat is often known as natural. Many times a natural 9 is an 8:1. 

Baccarat is not a hard game to get used to, and it has a fairly regal feeling to it, which could be part of why gamblers tend to find it enticing. There are many types of baccarat in Asia as well. 

#2. Mahjong

Mahjong is one of the coolest Chinese gambling games you might come across. What we know of Mahjong from PC games and apps is a bit different from what it is like in Asia. 

In Asia, the game is played with tiles, before any are placed you need to place a bet and then dice are rolled to determine who deals. After each round, you place a bet on what tiles you received. In order to start the game, all 136 tiles are placed facing down and get shuffled. 

13 tiles are dealt to each player facing down, then you turn your tiles to face upwards and make a wall with them. Pair them into sets of 3 and 4.

Every player picks up an additional tile from the wall and if it can be used to make a winning hand you keep it and announce you have “Mahjong”. 

It is a unique game and can be very fun but will take time to learn.

#3. Slots

Slots are huge everywhere, and have a great deal of popularity in Asia and the rest of the world. Slots are even competing with traditional Asian casino games. A lot of Chinese slot games are very popular, especially online. 

They are fast, easy, and rely on fortune, which is like the golden 3 factors to making a great game for many gamblers. 

It is safe to say that no matter where you go in the world if gambling is allowed, people love slots! 

#4. Pachinko

Pachinko is a popular Asian game, and it is actually a bit strange. Around 10% of the Japanese population will spend $200 billion per year on this game, which is more than 30 times the revenue of every casino in Vegas! However, you can’t directly win money playing it! 

It is a bit like a pinball machine crossed with a slot machine. There are small metal balls that are used to play it. When it came into being you would put a ball in a slot, and then you’d get a reward. 

Today it has the same premise, however, there are some unlicensed stations where winning tickets from this game can get a cash exchange, but this is technically illegal. 

It is simply a bit strange, but also quirky enough that it is worth trying out.

#5. Sic Bo

We have to also quickly mention Sic Bo. It is often also called Tai Sai, Big and Small, or Hi-Lo. It has awesome wagering options and a decent payout. It is also fast-paced and is a bit confusing at first. 

The object of this game is to predict the faces on dice before they have been rolled. You can choose to wager on only one die or all three. It is a simple premise but is very popular. 


These are some of the most popular casino games in Asia, while baccarat and slots are popular worldwide games, there are plenty of others that are a bit more unique to that corner of the globe! 

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