Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends That You Should Be Aware Of In 2022

Digital Marketing Trends


Google’s New Algorithm Change Made SEO More Challenging Than Ever

The digital marketing trends change every year, and some years do come with more notable changes than others. – Just Like 2022!

Whether you are a marketer or business owner, trying to keep up with – 

  • Search engine optimizations.
  • Paid advertisement campaigns.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Social media marketing.

– Can be really challenging!

There is always something happening that can affect your digital marketing campaigns.

Today, we will be discussing the digital marketing trends in 2022 and how they will affect the industry as a whole.

Looking Back At 2021!

Before moving forward with the digital marketing trends in 2022, why not have a look back at what 2021 has given to the digital marketing industry.

2021 was quite a year if we see it as marketers. With several Google updates, we marketers were busy the whole year understanding how SEO will evolve. 

Out of all the updates, Google’s core update was the crucial one. This update was crucial because it put all the powers into the hands of the marketers and business owners.

Now that Google’s core update has finally completed its rolling, it is important to create content that aligns with what the customers are looking for on the search engines.

Top Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Being a marketer, you know that digital marketing is an umbrella term that encapsulates many moving digital parts. 

For instance, you can:

  • Increase visibility and web traffic with SEO.
  • Build a brand with a strong online and social presence.
  • Marketing automation can help you save time on personalizing content.
  • Paid advertisements can help you jump the line on the SERPs.

These moving parts, along with others, are constantly changing the digital marketing landscape.

That being said, you must understand that what worked in 2021 may not work in 2022.

As we enter the new year of 2022, with the help of the Black-owned digital marketing agency, we present you with the latest trends that might become the next big thing in the digital marketing industry.

1. Geofencing

Although location-based marketing has been around for quite a while, it is now that it’s gaining traction. It is changing the digital marketing landscape in many exciting ways. 

Geofencing is one of the cutting-edge marketing tactics that is believed to explode in 2022-2023. 

To better understand Geofencing, let us put it this way.

Every business will be able to optimize its store for two miles. When a customer enters the range, they will receive a notification about the services. 

Does that sound like FUTURE customer targeting? It certainly looks that way.

2. Progressive Web Apps

The more people rely on their mobile applications, the easier it becomes for them to access the internet. That being said, mobile compatibility has become a thing for marketing.

Smartphone applications are still the best methods to keep in touch with your customers. However, these apps are frequently categorized as Android or iOS.

The problem can be solved with Progressive Web Apps. The Progressive Web Apps can prove the intermediate solution by standing in between application and website.

It simply means they are websites capable of transforming themselves into applications.

3. AI In Digital Marketing

As the AI Improves, so do its capabilities.

AI has always been a technology with lots of potentials. It is capable of analyzing a lot of data in small time frames. As a result, it can help assess the massive customer data in a short time.

With the right data at your disposal, you can target the right customer with the right products and services – Just when they need it!

4. Transition To Mobile-First Marketing

As more people are using mobile phones and tablets to shop and consume content, businesses need to come up with mobile responsive websites. 

A mobile marketing strategy can be as simple as optimizing your website to fit mobile screens without deteriorating user experience.

In 2022, it is important for the business to transition their website to a mobile responsive website to get better reach online.

5. Cause Marketing Will Become Increasingly Popular

Today, people have become more cause-oriented. Rather than buying products and services for their needs, people want to be a part of a bigger cause. 

Hence, with the start of 2022, values will play an important role in your marketing strategies. These values will give your more loyal clients than just paying customers and stay tuned for best performing real estate WordPress themes

6. Voice Search Optimization

Today people are more accustomed to using voice assistant tools like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistance to do most of their searches. This practice has become increasingly popular among people because of how convenient it is.

In fact, voice searches have broken the barrier of being limited to only search engine searches and have made their way to eCommerce searches. 

It is predicted that the voice search shopping market will hit $40 million by the end of 2022. So, if you’re an eCommerce company, you must start optimizing your website for voice searches.

7. Digital Task & Marketing Automation

As technology continues to advance, marketing tools are becoming more popular. 

Marketing automation makes it possible for marketers to keep performing repetitive tasks without making mistakes. 

Furthermore, automating repetitive tasks saves time which can be utilized into investing in far more productive activities.

In 2022, automation will become an important part of digital marketing as marketers will find their hand-tied handling different clients simultaneously.

Content Will Remain The KING!

High-quality personalized content is never out of trend. As more and more businesses are setting their shops online, digital content remains the focal point of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is all about showing audiences your services and products. It means that the role of placing the right content in front of the right audiences will always be paramount.

So, no matter what trends you prioritize, ensure that you do not forget to offer high-quality content.

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