Top Skills That a Cloud Architect Needs To Be Successful

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Walking in the shoes of a successful cloud architect calls for advanced industry skills. While this field of work is lucrative and can land you with a prestigious job, it is highly competitive. The performance of a modern enterprise significantly depends on its cloud infrastructure. Hence, employers tend to screen cloud architects thoroughly for their skills before hiring them.

Upon receiving adequate guidance and training, you would be industry-ready with all the necessary skills. It would not only be beneficial in finding a job but would also help you in securing promotions.

What tasks are cloud architects responsible for?

As the name of the role hints, a cloud architect deals with the architecture of a cloud system. This implies that the professional would develop, design, and manage the various cloud applications in an enterprise. However, they also perform several other tasks, such as:

  • Understanding business requirements by coordinating with the stakeholders
  • Developing the blueprints for cloud architectures
  • Working with the administrators and the developers for bug fixes and product releases
  • Planning out the migration of on-premise cloud infrastructures
  • Coming up with strategies to make the infrastructure cost-efficient

Thus, the role of a cloud architect in an enterprise is significant and determines how well its cloud systems would work. This should clear up your queries regarding “what is a cloud architect?”.

Core skills that a cloud architect needs

Like any other job role in cloud computing architecture, you need to possess specific core skills. These are the skills that are directly involved in the functions that you would be performing. A cloud architect must keep himself/herself up-to-date in terms of core skills. The core skills that you would need include:

Cloud storage

A professional involved in cloud infrastructure must possess sound knowledge of how different types of cloud storage work. These include block and bucket type storage, hot storage, cold storage, and file systems. In an enterprise environment, each storage type functions differently. A cloud architect would have to determine the correct storage type for the system to work efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Cloud Computing itself is a network of servers spread all over the globe. Thus, to work with cloud architecture, one would need to be skilled in networking. You must possess a deep understanding of how virtual and traditional networks function. A cloud architect should also be proficient in networking elements like DNS, VPN, HTTP, TCP/IP, CDN, etc.

Selection of services

Currently, enterprises can choose from a wide range of cloud services and solutions for their systems. The leading platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud offer more than 400 services combined. These services cover almost every domain, making it challenging to choose the exemplary service for an application. A cloud architect must know about all these services and choose the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for every application.


At a time when cybercrimes are rampant, it is essential to keep cloud systems safe from attackers. A cloud architect must be adept and govern network security by deploying firewalls and encryption technologies. You would also need to control identity and access management and use different network security tools as required.

Critical soft skills that a cloud architect would need

Apart from the industry skills that a cloud architect would need for the job, several soft skills are necessary. These help to work more efficiently and quickly.

  • Time management: Cloud architects have various tasks to perform and must utilize every tiny pocket of time available.
  • Aptitude: To develop innovative and effective cloud solutions, a cloud architect must possess excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Flexibility: The projects received by a cloud architect would vary considerably. One must be able to adapt to the requirements of each project.
  • Communication skills: A cloud architect acts as a central point of contact while communicating with the cloud admins, stakeholders, and cloud developers. One cannot undermine the importance of good communication skills in this field.

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Hope I have given the article on Top Skills That a Cloud Architect Needs To Be Successful You must develop all these skills quite well while preparing to be a cloud architect. With a mix of excellent core skills and soft skills, you would be able to tackle the various challenges with ease.

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