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What are the best Ways to Keep Your Composite Decking As Good As New?

What are the best Ways to Keep Your Composite Decking As Good As New?

Like most people, you’re looking for the best way to keep your composite decking as good as new. The fact is, composite decking needs just as much maintenance as other types of decking.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make the process easier and more effective. By following these simple tips, you can keep your composite decking looking great for years!

Clean It Regularly

Composite decks are a lot easier to clean than traditional wood decks. You can use everyday household items like soap and water to clean your composite decks from

Start by removing all furniture and other items that might get in the way of cleaning your deck. Clearing the space will ensure you can easily reach every area of your deck.

Next, sweep the surface of your composite deck with a broom to remove loose dirt and debris. It helps to prepare the floor for the soapy water.

Once the floor is ready, prepare a warm water and dish soap solution. Make the solution as strong as you would wash dishes in a sink, using the same proportions of soap and water.

After thoroughly scrubbing the surface, rinse away all of the soap and water. Repeat until the entire surface is clean.

Avoid standing water on your composite deck for extended periods of time. Water can etch the surface of your deck and damage it over time. 

Clean the Gaps Between the Boards

Composite decking is an excellent option for many homeowners as it is durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. But, just like any other exterior material, it still needs some regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it in good shape.

To prevent soil and mulch from accumulating in the gaps between your composite deck boards, it’s best to keep those areas clear. Mulch may trap dirt and moisture between your deck boards and cause problems in the long run. To avoid this, it’s essential to keep your garden away from the deck and place flower pots in saucers larger than the space between your deck boards.

Use a soft brush, spatula, or hose to clean the gaps between your composite deck boards on a semiannual basis. It’s also essential to remove any spills of oil and grease.

A broom with a “screw-in” hook is a handy tool to pull debris from the small spaces between your deck boards. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

You can also fill the gaps between your deck boards with wood putty. This method is excellent for small, relatively stable gaps, but it’s not recommended for large or irregularly shaped gaps. It’s also less effective than leaving a space between your composite deck boards since it doesn’t allow water and dirt to escape once it comes in.

It’s important to remember that composite decking is softer than natural wood, so it is prone to “etching” and chipping if exposed to too much pressure. To prevent this from happening, you should only pressure wash your deck with a power washer if the manufacturer approves it. Always use the lowest possible pressure, and stay at least eight inches away from the deck surface.

Apply a Sealant

Whether you have a traditional wood deck or a composite one, applying a sealant can help keep it as good as new. It can help prevent the fading of your deck’s color and protect it from harsh weather conditions and foot traffic.

Before applying a sealant, it’s essential to ensure your deck is clean and dry. Mold, mildew, and stains must be removed entirely before the sealer adequately protects your composite decking. A diluted laundry bleach solution, an environmentally-friendly all-purpose cleaner, or a specifically formulated deck cleaner can do this job.

Once your composite decking is clean and dry, apply a sealant using a brush, paint roller, or sprayer. Work slowly and methodically to ensure that each board gets adequate coverage. Overly thick sealant can peel or chip, so apply only a thin coat.

When you’re ready to apply the sealant, be sure to do it on a warm and sunny day. It will allow the sealant to absorb fully into the pores of your composite decking, minimizing any risk of the product drying out.

A suitable, high-quality composite deck sealant is easy to apply and lasts long. It will also make your composite decking look beautiful and improve its appearance.

You can also use a combination stain-and-sealant product that offers moisture and UV protection with minimal downside. It is the most effective way to keep your composite decking looking great for years.

Applying a stain-and-sealant blend once a year is a good idea, especially in areas where it may see a lot of sun. The best way to determine when your deck needs to be stained and sealed is to check with the manufacturer.

It is also a good idea to repair damaged boards or sand them to remove surface splinters and scratches before sealing. It can reduce the chances of them being scratched again when your furniture is placed on your deck.

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